10 On Tuesday – 10 Things You Dislike About Politics

I wasn’t going to answer this 10 on Tuesday meme this week.  But the more I’ve thought about it throughout the day the more I think I can come up with 10 things.  If you would like to participate in the 10 on Tuesday meme you can find the graphic in my left sidebar.  It will take you directly to the blog with instructions.

On with the show:

10 Things I Disklike About Politics

1.  Those never ending TV commercials.  Sometimes the entire commercial break of a show is ALL political commercials.  UUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH  Makes me want to blow up the TV sometimes.

2.  In the political race right now, one of the reasons I disklike politics is because I have to see the face of a Clinton all the time.  PUUUHHHHLLEEEEEZZZEEEEEEE

3.  People who dislike President Bush – I don’t care if you don’t like the job he is doing you should still show the man the respect he deserves as our President.

4.  Lying!!  Some candidates will say whatever they think their current audience wants to hear.  One may be against stem cell research to an audience today but all for it with a different audience tomorrow.  I’m sorry but in my book that is lying. 

5.  This next one isn’t directly about politics but it does involve politics.  I hate listening to the liberal media throwing out their opinions on what they think will happen next.  Just tell us what is happening right now with EVERYONE (see #6 next) and keep your opinions to yourself.  I have opinions of my own and don’t want yours to influence mine.

6.  DEMOCRATS DEMOCRATS DEMOCRATS!!  That’s all you hear about.  You might have 15 minutes of airtime about the democrats and 2 minutes of airtime about the republicans.  HELLO – not EVERYONE is a democrat!!!!!!

7.  Arrogance!  I dislike arrogance in ANYONE but especially when it shows itself with the attitude that "my way is the only way and if you don’t like it then you are just WRONG!" 

8.  It scares me to hear about how much the national debt currently is.  That’s some serious money!  Is there a way out at all??  I don’t see how!

9.  People who are so vocal about disliking the war.  Complaining and arguing about it isn’t going to make it end any sooner.  I say, let the leaders, those who know what they are doing, work their plan.

10. Did I already say that I am sick of seeing a Clinton face?


One thought on “10 On Tuesday – 10 Things You Dislike About Politics

  1. Great meme…I was choking on my breakfast from laughing…It's so true and the election this year seems so chaotic and messier than usual..I've NEVER heard of a candidate being told to just quit. Just quit? Since when was that part of our elections to tell the other opponent of the same party..oh just give up…sigh

    Then the delegate holding isn't too impressive..and the democrats..argh!!

    For people who claim to hear the American voice…they are not doing a good job.

    BTW…tis not politics and dont' worry…won't see Clinton's face, but left a little something for you here: http://sunflowerfaith.blogspot.com/2008/02/woke-up-this-morning-to-award-for-this.html

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