WOW – What a Week

As I sit here working on Ron’s laptop I look over to see my sweet husband with his bandaged hand propped on pillows on the end of the couch.  I look back on our week and realize that we had a lot of new things happening.

This morning Ron had Carpal Tunnel Surgery on his right hand.  We are glad that he is finally getting some relief from the numbness & pain that he’s experienced for 20+ years.  The surgeon said that when he got into his hand he found things very tight.  The muscle was compressing the nerves quite a bit.  So, he is going to have a great amount of relief very soon.  He will have the left hand done later in this year since we have now paid our insurance deductible. 

I finally got my new glasses.  This was a long ordeal, that’s for sure.  I’m glad it is over and done with.  Here is a picture of me with my new glasses.

I like the expensive ones at Lenscrafters better.  But these are ok.  I wanted to get a different color since my others were also black.  But these looked better on me than any of the others that Walmart had.  I also got some cool sunglasses.  I don’t have a picture of me with those on yet.  I’ll post one when I get one. 

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned the magnet school lottery here on my blog or not.  In case I haven’t, here is a little background.  Michael & Lauren will both start high school next school year.  (It makes me want to cry just thinking about it)  Anyway, our county public school system has 4 schools that are referred to as Magnet Schools.  These schools are filled with the best students in the system.  They take kids with an A/B average.  Two of the schools focus on Science/Math.  One of the schools is a Literature based school.  The fourth school is a business focused school.  We sent in applications for both of the kids.  We were sent "lottery numbers".  They are assigned a number for each school they applied for.  Tomorrow morning is the lottery drawing.  It’s kind of like the game Bingo.  I think they even have one of those tumbler machines that mixes the numbers and spits one out.  We are praying like we’ve never prayed for anything before.  The public high school we are zoned for is a little scary to me.  I think if we can get them out of that school they will do better.  I would greatly appreciate any prayers that you could offer up on our behalf as well.  We are praying that they will both be accepted AND that they will both be accepted into the same school.  Thank you so much for you prayer support.

We are also very displeased with our current Youth Pastor at our church.  That’s a long drawn out story in itself.  I will save that for another entry.


One thought on “WOW – What a Week

  1. You're husband is in our prayers!! Just hoping and prayng for a fast recovery for him!!

    I SO love your new glasses…sigh…make me wish I still wore some now! LOL…You look very young, elegant and sophisicated!

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