By The Way…..Is It LAST Sunday?

This is the By The Way….meme assignment from LAST Sunday.  Today’s is about vegetables.  Since I don’t like vegetables I thought this one sounded more interesting.  I didn’t do it last week.  So, I think I will pretend it is LAST Sunday and do this one.

By the way…

What are 2 things that…

make you happy?

Watching my kids play soccer
Hearing my husband preach

you can’t wait for?

Bedtime – on days when I feel this bad I just pray that the clock will speed up and it is bedtime soon.
Our next cruise – whenever that will be

drive you crazy?

Whining – from adults AND children
People who drive slow in the left lane

encourage you?

Worship service
A sweet word from a friend – preferrably via email

make you sleepy?

A warm and comfy room (NOT A HOT ONE)

make you sad?

Thinking about my Mamaw & Papaw’s deaths
Friends who are hurting

you dread doing?

Answering the phone when it rings
Taking a shower – whether I feel good or not – what’s up with that anyway?

you wish you had?

A healthy body
A new car

you’d like to give to others?

Whatever they might need to make them smile
A good book

you plan to do today?

Give Lauren her birthday present
Go to bed


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