Thought This Weekend Would NEVER End

Oh my goodness, this past weekend was quite possibly the worst flare up I have had in a very very long time. I don’t think there was a single part of me that DIDN’T hurt.  It was UNREAL!!  I hope I don’t have anymore flare ups like that one.  Thankfully this morning I was feeling better.  I’m not back to 100% but I’m definitely not at ZERO like I was yesterday. 

Michael is trying out for soccer this afternoon at school.  This is the first time he has tried out for anything.  I’m very nervous for him.  I wanted to go watch him but decided that would embarras him too much.  I didn’t even ask him if I could come because I didn’t want to put him into the position to tell me no because I knew he would feel bad.  So, here I sit willing the phone to ring to come and pick him up.  If he doesn’t make it I might just have to go off on a particular coach for disappointing my baby.  It will break my heart in two.  But I’m sure he will make it. He is a very good player.  He hasn’t felt good the last few days though and wasn’t feeling his best this morning.  I asked Lauren when I picked her up if he was nervous.  She said "I don’t know.  He didn’t talk to me today"  HAHAHAHA – I think that is so funny.

Oh well – Ron’s hand is healing.  He’s able to use it a little at a time.  He can’t pick anything up – not because he’s not allowed but because he really can’t lift it.  I don’t know how he is going to go on his trips this week (Wednesday – Sunday morning) and deal with luggage and his briefcase in an airport.  But I suppose he will manage.  I would be too pressured to hurry along everywhere to make the trip worth it to me.  I’m also afraid he will accidentally shake someone’s hand.  wEll, I suppose he is a big boy and can figure it all out on his own.

Ok – Lauren is waiting to show me her new clothes she bought for her birthday this weekend.  She turned 13 yesterday.  I’m quite sure I’m not old enough to have two teenagers.  I’ll have to check their birth certificates to make sure they are really 13 & 14.  Wwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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