Do These People Really Think They Can Get Away With That??

You know, I’m watching Inside Edition right now (it just came on while I was doing something else – I don’t normally watch it).  They just finished a story on the MARRIED policeman Bobby Cutts from Canton Ohio who murdered his pregnant girlfriend Jessie Davis and dumped her body in some woods.  Then he reported her missing.  This guy was a cop!!!!!!!!  Did he really think he could get away with that?  I don’t know what makes Drew Peterson, Scott Peterson, Mark Hacking, Cesar Laurean and other husbands/boyfriends think they can murder their wives/girlfriends and get away with it.  That just makes no sense to me.  Then this guy – Bobby Cutts – begged for the jury to spare his life prior to their deliberation of his sentence.  That just makes me sick to think of what these women went through before they were murdered by someone that they loved (right or wrong as that may be in some cases)  There is always something that gives them away.  Most recently Marine Cesar Laurean fleed the country after murdering girlfriend Maria Lauterback from Vandalia, Ohio.  As far as I know he is still on the run.  That idiot (sorry – but that’s what he is) burned her body in his backyard.  Did he think noone would notice that? 

Numbers 32:23 says that we can "be sure your sins will find you out".  I just don’t understand what makes them think they can get away with stuff like murdering someone.  I don’t get it.  Even in the Scott Peterson case – it took a while but he was eventually caught, tried and sentenced.  Why would someone even consider murdering someone?  As for Drew Peterson, he should keep watching his back because they will eventually get him too.  He thinks he’s gotten away with two murders – but they will get him.

Ok – I think I’m done and stepping down from my soap box now.

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