Hodgepodge of Life

Well, it is Saturday again.  I’m a girl of routine – albeit and very lax routine – so Saturdays aren’t my favorite day of the week.  I do love the laid back part of it.  But the part I don’t like is that the day is so up in the air.  I’m also a homebody.  So, a day with no regular plans makes for a long day for a homebody.  Ron is still out of town.  Lauren slept on the couch last night and is still asleep.  Michael got up about an hour ago and is watching something or other on the history channel.  My email box is more empty than it is full.  I know some of you who might be reading this are wishing that you could have a Saturday like mine because you are running around doing 8000 things you can’t get done during the week.  Oh well, whine whine whine – sorry to do so much of it.  I’ll move on now.

If you have spent any amount of time reading my blog you know that I have a sense of humor.  Yes, it leans toward sarcasm.  But that is how we are around here.  I"d like to see you try to be a member of the extended Hunter family and NOT be sarcastic.  It’s fun!  But I was chatting briefly with a friend this morning about a thread we were both participating in on a particular message board.  Another member said something that I thought was simply hilarious and very clever.  However, my friend, who happened to be offering very constructive help to the situation, failed to see the humor in the remark this other person made.  In my efforts to get my friend to lighten up I think I only managed to tick them off even more – which in turn ticked me off that they weren’t a bit more lighthearted.  Why do things have to be so serious?  Not EVERYTHING is meant to be taken seriously.  Get the chip off your shoulder and forget about being right all the time.  Take a joke!  Smile a little!  Jump down off your high horse and realize that there may be a possibility that you might need to take a "chill pill".  I hope that, even though you don’t know the specifics of the situation I’m talking about, you will be able to take this to heart.  The world doesn’t always have to be so serious.

I could go on and on and on about that subject.  I might even step on my own toes in the process.  But I had better stop before I get in even more trouble.  Oh but I really want to say more…………….resisting…….the……………….urge……………………to……..keep………………lecturing……..

Ron has been gone to the Carolinas since Wednesday.  He will get home in time to teach SS in the morning.  He says his hand is healing quite well.  He was excited last night when I talked to him because he had opened his own Mt. Dew bottle.  WOO HOO!  HAHA  That really is an accomplishment.  He said yesterday at lunch he had to ask one of the guys he was at a business meeting with to open his water bottle for him.  heeheehee  Then last night he was working late and went to get a Mt. Dew.  When he got back to his room he realized he was in trouble – he had noone to open it for him.  So, anyway, he said he gave it a shot and it worked!  He’s having more improvement with his hand each day. 

The kids and I went to the mall last night.  I was going to meet the mom of one of her friends because she has been wanting to go to this friend’s house.  As it happens I already know the mom.  I got acquainted with her about 3 or 4 years ago.  she was working with another lady I knew from our Upwards program at our church.  The two of them did girl’s birthday parties.  They did tea parties and fashion shows.  They came and did a party for Lauren a few years ago.  This lady also sold Mary Kay and she became my MK lady at that time.  We lived in Joelton at the time.  So, all these years later we move to Donelson, send the kids back to school.  And of all the girls for Lauren to befriend it is this lady’s daughter.  It is a God thing.  So, now Lauren has another friend whose house we get to trapse her too.  The mom and I were very excited at how God worked this whole situation out. 

Well, it’s almost 11:00.  Lauren is awake now and already planning where I’m going to chauffer her around today.  Think I will go pop her balloon and tell her she has a list of chores she has to do before she goes anywhere today.  Ooooooo – I’m such a mean Mommy!!!!


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