How Did You Get Here?

I learned something new today.  They (whoever "they" is) say that you learn something new everyday.  Well, I’m not fully convinced of that.  But at any rate today it is true.  I learned that I can use one of my site counter programs to see how people get to my blog by searching for certain words or phrases.  I think I would share a few of them.  And, of course, because I have commentary to offer I will do so for each one. 

house paid off red door (WHAT?)

what does a red door signify (I’m now wondering the same thing so I will go back and check this out for myself)

christmas brain color red
(Ok, this just tickled me.  What could this person possibly have been looking for?)

landmark freedom baptist curriculm review  (apparently at one time I knew what this was supposed to be)

create and person then play  (does that even make sense to anyone?)

This is fun!!!  As long as people keep googling and following the path to get to Beyond The Red Door I’ll stay in business. 

Keep googling people!!!!


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