Manic Monday – 3/3

I know it’s actually Tuesday but I’m a little behind on my blog because I’m babysitting every day this week.  I’ll blog about that later.

Anyway, yesterday’s Manic Monday questions are intriguing this week so I’m going to do them anyway – even if I am late.

You find that your best friend has stolen money to pay for medical treatment for a seriously ill relative. What would you do?

I would give them the rest of the money.  We could talk about the whole stealing thing later.  If they need the money bad enough to feel like they need to steal it then they need it enough for us to give them what else they need.  Our best friends are too important to let something like money get between us.  (I love you, Kim!!)

What three things you regret not learning to do?

1.  Take voice lessons to learn to sing properly
2.  Going to veterinary medicine school (learn to be a vet)
3.  Enjoy school (is that something you can learn?)

I don’t really have many regrets.  My biggest regret is not becoming a Veterinarian.


One thought on “Manic Monday – 3/3

  1. Let's just clarify something here Missy, if I was needing to steal money for treatment of some serious disease (LIKE ASTHMA), I am quite certain YOU Ms. Pam would have given it to me so honestly you should pay!!!!!!!


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