A Heavy Heart

There are so many things running through my head.  Yet, I’m not sure I can pull any of them out and put words to them.  They would fit into the categories of – parenting, weather, medical issues, politics, death, stress, friendship and evangelism – none of which lend themselves to the lighthearted manner that I usually write in.  Many of them weigh heavy on me this morning.  I will try to hit a few because most of them noone would care about but me and yet others fit into the category of "if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all".

My mom had a biopsy done this week on a spot that was detected on her recent mammogram.  The procedure was done on Wednesday, March 5 – her birthday as well as the anniversary of the funeral of her sister who died of breast cancer many years ago.  I know it was an emotional time for her.  We are still awaiting the results.  My aunt’s battle was long, painful and heartwrenching.  However, it was through her battle that she was able to look up and see life in eternal salvation.  For that, we are all grateful – however, we all wish that the breast cancer which took her from us had not been necessary for her to see her need for Christ.  At any rate, we are expecting a good report from my mom’s doctor. 

Yesterday a very special man in our denomination passed from this life into his eternal reward.  A very loving, compassionate and incredible soul-winner was killed in a car accident yesterday.  He was an icon here in Nashville among Free Will Baptists.  When Ron and I were attending the Bible College he was a professor there.  He taught us Personal Evangelism.  I’m not sure he came across a single person in his life who he did not share Jesus with.  There are people in Heaven today and who will be there in years to come because of his witness and his leading them to Christ.  I would imagine they would number in the hundreds.  I can count on two hands those who I have led to the Lord.  I’m sure Brother Shockey lost count years ago.  He has gained his heavenly reward.  And I don’t know a single person more excited to see Jesus. 

All of those other things on my mind pale in comparison to those two things. 


One thought on “A Heavy Heart

  1. I just heard the news tonight about Bob. He lived in the Columbus area back in the late 70's and I was friends with his daughter, Paula. I haven't had contact with the family for many years, but have fond memories of Bob. He was a wonderful preacher and such a nice person. I was searching for his obituary and your webpage came up…I love it! My name is Jill by the way…just not a registered user here.

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