Why Am I Still Telling Them To Blow Their Nose??

I don’t get it!  My kids are 13 & 14.  I am still telling them to blow their nose, take a shower, wash their hair and even go to the bathroom.  What is wrong with them?  What have I done wrong?  They will walk around as long as I let them sniffing.  Who wants to hear that?  And it’s it usually the boy who doesn’t like to shower or wash his hair?  Well, then, how did things get turned around in our house?  Our daughter would go for a week without a shower or washing her hair if we let her.  Honestly!!  She will NOT take a shower on her own!!!  I don’t understand that at all!  Is anyone else’s daughter like that?  Our son gets up and showers every morning – like a normal person.  UUUGGGGHHHHHHHHH  Should I go back to the sticker chart on the fridge?  You know – she gets a sticker on the chart when she takes a shower – like we did when she was potty training??  One morning on the way to school she complained that she hadn’t gone to the bathroom when she got up.  Now – I’d REALLY like to know how a person FORGETS to go to the bathroom.  I told her to just go when she gets to school.  She said she doesn’t like the bathrooms at school so she would just wait till she got back home at 4:00 that afternoon!  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?????

What is going on with these people?  Where are the normal children???


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