He Saw Me Win!

This was the Rest Ministries devotion for today.  It brought a smile to my face.  I thought it might have the same effect on you.  God bless!

"But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear Him,
on those whose hope is in His unfailing love," ~ Psalm 33:18

Disappointment: the effect of unmet expectations.

I was officially disappointed this evening after playing an online
game similar to Wheel of Fortune. I play to keep my mind alert, to
improve my vocabulary and spelling skills and to keep myself from
early dementia!

If I completed ten rounds successfully, I would win the entire game!
You can imagine how excited I was with just one letter left to solve
before capturing it all! I clicked on the correct letter; the blank
space filled ever-so-beautifully and∑and∑a giant button popped up
reading "Play Again". 

What?!! I expected at least a "Congratulations!" or a "Way to go,
Dude!" with some fireworks or as a minimum, a yellow smiley face!
Instead, I got an in-your-face pop-up button telling me to try again!

As a last ditch effort to salvage a celebration from this winning
experience, I called out to my family and told them of my awe-
inspiring achievement. No one responded with a victory dance. No one
so much as said boo. It suddenly occurred to me that even my closest
loved-ones could care less that I won a game. It was a total
victorious emotional washout.

The fact of life is this: even those closest to me won’t always get
how I feel, how I hurt, how I need their understanding and
encouragement. People have their own struggles and issues, which
consume their thoughts and time. So where does that leave me, alone
and forgotten? Hardly.

My God sees me and cares about every detail in my life; from each
sleepless night to every good moment lived with less pain.

I can visualize myself standing on a spot-lighted stage receiving
from God’s hand, a trophy of acceptance and a smile of approval for
enjoying this moment in my life. He saw me win, not just a word game
but a victory over depression and chronic pain and He is celebrating
with me!

About the Author:

Pastor Greg Harvey lives in Kansas City , Kansas and manages
degenerative disk disease with two unsuccessful lumbar fusions and
cervical degeneration. His book, "Finding God Faithful in Turbulent
Times" is now available in electronic Adobe PDF form and may be
obtained by contacting him at gregoryharv@gmail.com

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