Ten on Tuesday – 10 Places You’d Take a Tourist to See in Your Hometown

Since I live in Nashville I thought this week’s 10 on Tuesday would be especially easy.  I have so many things to pick from.  I’m going to try to list things that not only interest me but things that a REAL tourist might come to Nashville specifically to see.  That will include things that DON’T interest me too.  I will put a * next to the ones that I find interesting.

Ready for your guided tour of Nashville?  Ok – here we go:

1.  The Hermitage* – The Home of President Andrew Jackson – I love old houses and historical landmarks.  So, The Hermitage is a winner in my book.

2.  Traveler’s Rest* – You can’t list The Hermitage and not list Traveler’s Rest.  Traveler’s Rest Plantation was the home of one of our first TN Supreme Court Justices, Judge John Overton.  He happened to be the founder of Memphis but was also a close personal friend of President Andrew Jackson.  It was a very important location for soldiers during the Civil War.

3.  Adventure Science Center* – This is an amazing science center with a very cool planetarium.  It’s filled with fun things for kids to do.  If you have children you should DEFINITELY not miss this!! 

4.  Percy Priest Lake – If you are an outdoorsy kind of person you should really check out this lake.  It is gorgeous and has lots of outdoorsy things to do.  I list it here because it is so beautiful!!

5.  Opryland Hotel* – I list this not so much as a recommendation for the hotel but for the conservatory/gardens/atriums  located IN the hotel.  It is a gorgeous place to walk through. There is also a boat ride you can take through the gardens.  My explaining it doesn’t do it justice.  Just take my word for it that you have to see it to enjoy it.  AMAZING!!!  It is also a convention center location.  This is also where you would find The Grand Ole Opry.  I’m not a country music fan so I’m not going to list that as one of my 10.  But I’m including the link to it here in case it interests you.

6.  Opry Mills Mall**** – Ok – you knew you would get a shopping location eventually on my list.  Opry Mills is a terrific mall next to the Opryland Hotel/Convention Center.  It is the area’s newest mall.  It sits on the grounds where the amusement park Opryland used to be. 

7.  LP Field – This is the NFL football stadium where the Tennessee Titans play.  I"m not a NFL fan or a Titans fan but it is a beautiful stadium and deserves a drive by.

8.  The Ryman Auditorium – Again, I’m not a country music fan.  But this is Nashville so I feel like I have to list the Ryman.  It is a very historic site.  I like it for that reason alone.  It opened it’s doors for the first time in 1892 – now THAT is historic!

9.  Nashville Shores* – If it summer I would definitely plan a trip to Nashville Shores.  It is a FUN water park on the banks of Percy Priest Lake.  It is 14,000 acres of FUN!

10. Centennial Park/Parthenon – This is a very nice park in the downtown area.  It has a replica of the original parthenon in Athens Greece.  There are ponds at the park to feed the ducks, running paths, dog park and an Amphitheater for concerts.  There are a number of festivals at Centennial Park each year.

There you have it!  The top 10 spots I would recommend for tourists coming to Nashville Tennessee.  When will you be here?


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