I Have A Bone To Pick With Fashion Designers

Ok – I went shopping today.  And the longer I was out shopping the more and more aggravated I got.  Do fashion designers think that women who wear a size larger than a 12 just don’t care what they look like or if they are in style or not?  Do they think women who wear a larger size don’t want to be trendy?  Do they think we all want to dress like slobs?  How much could it possibly cost to make the same shirt that I see and like that is a size Small in a size larger than a 12?  I’m happy for all of you girls out there that can wear a size small or medium – I really am.  But not all of us are that lucky.  It takes all kinds and sizes to make the world go round.  But apparently fashion designers out there just don’t care!  Apparently those of us who wear a bra larger than a 36B don’t want to buy cute bras.  Apparently the designers who design the styles that Kohl’s buys don’t care if they appeal to those of us who have to shop in the plus size department.  I suppose they think that all plus size girls want to dress like they are 80 years old.  Hello!!!!!!  WE DON’T!!!!!!!!!  I want to buy the same clothes that my tiny neighbor buys.  They look cute on her – why can’t they look cute on me too.  Why not give me the chance!  Give me the choice!  If it’s the cost of making clothes that use more fabric we understand that.  I don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for the extra fabric it costs to make that cute shirt in a bigger size.  I expect to have to pay more.  It comes with the territory.  You are leaving a great percentage of the population out when you exclude us from you customer base.  Seventy-Five percent of the stuff out there for us "ample" women is about as far from youthful and trendy as you can get.  We want to feel pretty, stylish and young just like the girls who get to shop in the Misses department.  You know, we already feel like we don’t exist or count for anything because we are overweight – so why do you have to add to those negative feelings by excluding us?

And this doesn’t just apply to the clothing designers.  I’m talking to you shoe designers too.  Why doesn’t everyone include Wide shoes in with their regular sizes. Not all of us want to wear shoes an 80 year old woman would wear with her 80 year old clothes she bought. 

So, us big girls want trendy & stylish clothes, cute & delicate underwear and Wide shoes, you designers!!!  We deserve them!  Our money spends just as well as those little girls money!  We count!!  We are your customer demographic too.  And we don’t want to dress like our Great Great Grandmother!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “I Have A Bone To Pick With Fashion Designers

  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I don't know what the answer is. I shop at Catherine's and find some pretty cute things, but have to pay a pretty penny for them, too. I wish there were more plus size clothing options for us. We don't all need to wear mumus and support hose just because we are larger than a size 12.

  2. I am to the point of hating to shop for clothes. I want to wear clothes that are stylish and fit PROPERLY. The other thing that annoys me is that the mass-produced clothing industry too often assumes that women who are wider are also taller. :eyeroll:


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