10 Things to Do Before You Get Married

I wasn’t going to do this list this week.  But I figured I could probably come up with 10 things so I would give it a shot!

1.  Date ONLY guys that you would consider marrying
2.  Graduate from HIGH SCHOOL
3.  Graduate from college UNLESS you don’t have to pay your own tuition – (if you are paying your own tuition then earning enough to live on might be difficult for two people)
4.  Get proposed to – or do the proposing – whichever works best for you
5.  Have a job!!!!  This one should have been first
6.  Don’t have sex!
7.  Have a boyfriend (I guess this would be kind of important)
8.  Stay out of debt
9.  Have a place of your own to live (in other words, don’t live with your parents after you get married – see Genesis 2:24)
10. Pray about it!  A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11. Determine that divorce IS NOT GOING TO BE AN OPTION – (you won’t be charged extra for the extra point)

Ok – I didn’t put those in any kind of order – obviously!  I could have gone on actually.  That was better than I was expecting it to be.  It was so easy that I couldn’t narrow it down to JUST 10 – I had to go with an 11th one.

I’m really looking forward to next week’s list – Ten Things You’d Fix in Your Home (if you had the time and money)  If you would like to join in the fun each week click on the "Ten on Tuesday" graphic to the left.


2 thoughts on “10 Things to Do Before You Get Married

  1. Hi, Pam,
    I enjoyed your 10 on Tuesday post "What To Do Before you get married."
    So, are you in Kirkland? We're north of Bellingham. 🙂

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