A Few Pictures To Show What's Going On With The Hunter Clan

This past weekend was the area competition for our denominational youth.  The kids are in the youth choir – Xample.  They didn’t have any competition so they will go on to the State Competition in May.  Here are a few pictures of them.

This is their choir.  Don’t they all look nice in their black and yellow?  Lauren was very excited to wear their shirts…………HA – not really!  Lauren is in the front row – second from the right – with the pigtails.  Michael is in the second row, right in the middle.  I was very proud of them.  Neither one of them like the song but they sang with their whole heart.  It was great!!

This one is a little bit blurry because I was trying to get a close up.

Does the look on her face give you any idea how excited she was about her outfit?  HAHA

Michael wasn’t thrilled with his tie but he does seem to look a little happier about it.

Don’t ask me what’s up with his tie.

Lauren and her friend, Amelia.

Lauren with her friends, Amelia and Abby.  I think they look cute.

Now for something new around the house.  We got a new washer and dryer.  They were delivered yesterday.  This is them.

They are LG brand.  We wanted to try stacking them for a little while to see how that works.  It gives us a lot more room in the laundry room.  If it doesn’t work then we will buy the pedastals to sit them on and seperate them.  But I’m crossing my fingers.

The washer at work.  I like that it has a digital reading with the number of minutes till the end of the wash. 

Here is the dryer.  It hasn’t been put to use yet.  But as soon as that load is finished washing I’ll put it to work.

Well, other than soccer practices and games, this is pretty much what’s been happening around here.

One thought on “A Few Pictures To Show What's Going On With The Hunter Clan

  1. Micheal's tie seems to have a life of it's own…lol; I love the idea about stacking washer/dryers…that would be So helpful in this house though everyone will still miss the laundry room by I don't know…several rooms and just leave their clothes everywhere..

    Lauren's top was cute I think..but then again, yellow is one color I wish I could wear so it looks cute on those who can wear it…sigh…if only I didn't have a yellow aversion.

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