Happy Birthday To Me

Well, today I turn 41.  It’s so hard to reconcile in your mind that you are this old when you can remember specific events from childhood.  I guess that’s just part of this game called LIFE though.  I was talking to my MIL this morning and she said how she was dreading her birthday this year.  She will enter a new decade – don’t worry, MIL of the Year, I won’t say which one.  Anyway, that’s where I was last year with turning 40.  I had a very difficult time last year.  I dreaded it for months before.  And on the actual day I didn’t even want to be reminded what day it was.  But this year – BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m going to have a terrific day.  Ron is taking off half the day and taking me to lunch and then shopping.  I got lots of yummy green stuff ($$$$$) and I’m ready to spend every single penny!  HA  Then next weekend Kim & I are going to a Casting Crowns concert that I asked for tickets for.  I love a birthday that keeps on giving.  I’ve gotten LOTS of birthday wishes from my online friends.  It’s a great day!!



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