Ladies and Gentleman, Michael W. Smith

Last night I met Michael W. Smith!!  And let me just start by saying he is quite the handsome man – not to mention incredibly talented.  He has been one of my favorite Christian Music artists since the 80s when a friend introduced me to CCM (Contemporary Christian Music).  The Lord certainly blessed him with an amazing gift of writing, producing and singing music. 

His oldest son, Ryan, has also been blessed with amazing talents.  And a friend of Ryan’s also happens to be a Free Will Baptist acquaintance of ours, Mark Cowart.  Mark owns a local film production company called Seabourne. 

Anyway, Randall House,  Seabourn Productions and Michael W. Smith have been working together on two short films that will be used as a Video Bible Study Curriculum Series.  The films have been completed and yesterday was their Premiere.  If you click on the link connected with Mark Cowart’s name in the previous paragraph you will be able to read about the films on his blog.

Randall House will be writing the curriculum for the Bible Study that will accompany each film.  The curriculum is still in the process of being written.  The studies will be released this coming summer.

Anyway, Ron and I went to the last Premiere last night.  There were three screenings yesterday.   Last night’s screening was for the cast, crew, writers and producers.  So, while I was expecting a room full of Christian music artists, I was quite satisfied to meet and chat with just Michael.  He is a wonderfully personable and friendly man of God.  And, as I said earlier, quite handsome as well.  I so wanted to get pictures of him but Ron said no.  He said this really wasn’t a fan/star kind of event.  So, I was going to be satisfied with merely meeting him and being able to say so.  But when we arrived I noticed that a friend of ours was the photographer.  So, before it started I pulled her aside and explained that I would love our picture taken with Michael.  She agreed.  When the screening was over Ron and I went up to Michael to say a few things.  Tammy slid up and took a series of pictures.  They aren’t posed pictures with the three of us smiling at the camera.  But I am fine with that.  She is a very professional photographer and does wonderful work.  Therefore I know I will be pleased with them.  When she emails them to me I will be sure to post them here.

It was a fun night. The films were amazing.  The Lord is blessing.  And I got to meet Michael W. Smith – who I have loved since I was a teenager.  Life is good1


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