A Night Of Casting Crowns Music

OH MY WORD!!! If you need a good birthday present then you need to get on Ron’s good side!! And if you want a best friend to share that birthday present – get your own because you can’t have mine!!!! Totally Amazing concert last night. As a recap, my birthday was April 10th. I had been hearing this concert advertised on the radio since Christmas. The more I heard about it the more I wanted to go. The concert was April 19th. So, I told Ron that I wanted two tix for GOOD SEATS for the concert – one for me and one for Kim. Ron isn’t big on concerts. He said that it could probably be worked out. So, I pushed it a little further and asked for dinner at our favorite restaurant, PF Changs. When I saw on the news that it was supposed to be raining yesterday I pushed my luck right up to the line and asked if he would take us and drop us off then come back and pick us up. Because I have the most amazing husband on earth (MOST of the time – HA) I got my three wishes. In exchange for all of those Kim and I LET he and Brian go to dinner with us before the concert. Anyway, we make it to the Sommet Center where the concert is held and begin looking for our seats – which we knew were on the floor and NOT in the nosebleed section. Remember? I asked for GOOD SEATS. Well, that’s exactly what we got. We were in the third row from the stage right in the center!!!!!! WOWOQWOWOWOWOWOWOO We could see the sweat drop of the ends of their sweaty wet hair – that’s how close we were. It was totally incredible!  I got the impression that floor seats are for special guests because they had their own concessions area and everything.  Well, it’s understandable because we were "special guests".  HA!

I had camera issues about 45 minutes into it – before Casting Crowns ever even came out on stage.  Needless to say I wasn’t the happiest person there.  I texted Ron with my cell phone and asked him what to do.  Well, I’m lucky to know how to turn the television on and off so I had no clue what he said to do to "fix" the camera.  He told me to take pictures with my cell phone.  Anytime I want to know how to do something with my phone I ask Lauren to do it.  So, where did that leave me?  NOWHERE!  Thankfully I was with someone who actually has a brain that works so she figured out a temporary fix – we dumped the memory on the camera.  TADA, all better.  I got about 20 pictures taken until it once again said "memory full".  I was like "YOU HAVE 20 PICTURES TO REMEMBER!!! EVEN I CAN REMEMBER MORE THAN THAT!!"  At this point I decided to just be satisfied with what I got – put it away and enjoyed the rest of the concert. 

Oh well – the first group to perform was a guy named John Waller and his band.  I hadn’t heard of him before.  If you would like to listen to a little of his music you can check out his MySpace page.  There are a few songs listed there that will automatically start playing for you.  We enjoyed him.  He has a very clear sound.  Sounds like someone I would really enjoy.  I hope the radio stations here will play some of his stuff.  He just sang about 3 or 4 songs.  I did get a picture of him – but…..well………you know………..

So after John Waller and his band clear the stage another band comes on.  This band is called Leeland.  That is the lead singer’s first name.  He looks like he’s about 12 years old.  But he is married so I’m assuming he’s a little older than that.  He was very good.  His MySpace page also plays his music for you.  I think the kids would really like him.  Here’s a few lines of one of his songs that are great for teens these days.  The song is called Opposite Way:

Doing the same old things
hanging with the same crowd
and it’s starting to get crippling
you never felt in place
and you tell yourself it’s all okay
but something’s different today
you want to run the opposite way
and it seems like you’re locked in a cage
and you need to find a way of escape
when everyone’s setting the pace- it’s okay to run the opposite way

Aren’t those good words for our teens?  The song is on his MySpace page if you would like to listen to it.  He was very good.  I also took pics of him but………..well…………you know…………

When Leeland was finished the stage crew came out and completely changed the whole stage and then Casting Crowns came out.  All the pictures that I got were of them.  So, this is where the pics will start.  I will stop the dialoug here and just put up the pics and make comments on them.

First of all, this picture was taken from my seat withOUT the zoom lens activated.  THAT is how close we were.  AWESOME seats!!  This next picture is what was behind us:

If you look closely you will see three levels PLUS the floor.  See, we had incredible seats!

See how happy we were about our seats!  HAHA

Now I’m just going to shut up and post pictures!

Mark Hall – Incredible!!

He had one of those artist that came out and painted a picture on a canvas while he was singing The Voice of Truth.  This is when the camera died so I didn’t get a shot of the finished canvas.  But as you can see he was drawing a painting with three individuals holding their hands up in praise.  He also put an open Bible in the hands of the guy in the middle there.

Megan Garrett – wonderful voice!  I can’t think of which song it is that she is featured on but she does an incredible job.  Maybe one of you can help me out here.  Or it will probably come to me as soon as I finish and post this entry.  (NOTE:  One of the songs she is focused on is I Know You’re There.)

This is Melodee DeVevo.  She plays a mean violin!!!  Oh my oh my oh my – AWESOME!!

Now for just a few more shots:

It was just a fabulous night!  Not a birthday I will ever forget!  Thanks, Ron, for the tickets and the chauffer service.  Thanks, Kim, for going with me.  Thanks, Brian, for…………uh…………….LETTING her go………..

If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Casting Crowns concert – DON’T THINK TWICE ABOUT IT – JUST DO IT!  Your Spirit will be blessed and you will leave a better person!


2 thoughts on “A Night Of Casting Crowns Music

  1. Pamela . . . the Casting Crowns concert sounded like tons of fun! I'd like to go see them myself. And a Happy belated Birthday to ya. Just take solace that you will always be younger than me. Now for this husband of yours . . . you DO realize he is setting a really bad example for all of us out here, right? We can't live up to some of these standards! Oh well, you know I'm messin' with ya. After all, I'm 50% responsible for it all anyway. And tell him I'm looking forward to spending some time with him next week in sunny FL!

  2. Oh Pam, what a treasure it was to go through your blog and catch UP! Your concert looked FABULOUS and Happy Birthday! I truly enjoyed all of your pictures. Your blog brings a smile to my face.

    Love You,

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