High School On The Horizon

Well, we have almost completed our first year back in public school.  I remember how I was feeling just 9 months ago about my fears of sending them back to school.  I was petrified of what they would see, hear, do and what kind of friends they would be drawn to – having only had interaction with Christians for the previous 5 years.  But the school year has gone a hundred times better than I ever dreamed it could.  They have done well with their grades, have both made Beta Club (a national organization for students with good grades) and with the exception of a couple of kids – they have made good friends.  I wish that Michael had branched out a little more but I expect that to change next year.  We have had good relationships with their teachers.  All of their teachers love them and brag about them every time we talk.  All of them say that their jobs would be so much easier if all parents had raised their children the way that we have.  That is such a blessing to hear.  And i’m even hearing now – at the END of the school year.  so, I know they aren’t just saying that because of a first impression.

So, I wonder why I’m experiencing all the same things again now thinking about them starting high school next year.  The Lord has watched over them this year more than I even expected him to.  I know things will be fine.  But for some reason in my mind I’m seeing all sorts of things happening to them.  I need to trust the Lord to keep his hand on them and watch over them.  I know what I want for them.  And I’m praying that what he has in mind for them is far greater than what I do.  Tears are never far from the surface.  Fear is an ever present emotion.  Anger that we can’t afford to put them in a private school isn’t far behind.

If I look off into the horizon I can see McGavock Comprehensive High School.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  The unknown is the scary part.


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