Flowers, School and the Dentist

Well, according to the MIL-Of-The-Year my blog is long overdue for an update.  And she is right – as always.  And to tell you the truth a few things have been happening – not that anyone really cares but her and my parents.  So, MILOFTY, you say JUMP and I say HOW HIGH! 

I have been spending most of my time lately playing games on my Facebook page.  Oh my word!! They are sooooo addictive.  But they are keeping my mind busy.  I’m learning lots of new words that I don’t really believe are actual words!

We have had an update on the school situation.  Today we received an acceptance letter for Michael for the Magnet school we wanted to get into – East Literature.  UUUGGGHHHHHHHH  I thought this was put to bed.  Apparently NOT.  We haven’t gotten an acceptance letter for Lauren yet.  So, I’m not sure we would accept Michael’s because then they would be in two different schools on opposite sides of town.  Yeah, that’s not gonna happen!!  And we have worked out a tentative car pool plan with some friends of ours for McGavock.  I was starting to enjoy the idea of having every other week off of driving.  Anyway, we are gonna pray about it AGAIN and take a tour of East Lit just to be sure.  We have until next Friday to make a decision. 

I went to the dentist today.  I didn’t go for a regular check up or a cleaning.  I went because I’ve been dealing with a toothache – surprise surprise surprise!  One of my back teeth had lost the filing about a month or so ago.  It has progressed from not really bothering me to only hurting when I chew on it to constant pain when I woke up this morning.  Having lots of experience with root canals and abcesses I decided perhaps I should just go to the dentist before it abcessed.  Thankfully he said it wasn’t completely to the point of needing a root canal yet so he could just refill it.  But he did say it was eventually going to need a root canal or be extracted.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  My teeth are rotting out of my head!  I was so close today to saying "rip them all out".  But I stopped just short of going to that extreme.  Instead I said "if this is going to involve pain I’m gonna need the gas".  The numbness has finally worn off and I have stopped drooling on myself.  I took a Darvocet (which hasn’t done squat) and decided to get on the computer to distract me. 

We are down to a couple weeks left of school.  We have gone from my being worried about the kids going to school and missing them all day every day to wondering what on earth I’m going to do when they are here all the time again.  I think that’s a 180 degree turn.  We are planning to get season passes to the local water park which is about 5 minutes from our house.  I plan to go everyday – whether they wanna go or not.  HAHA 

There are a lot of activities between now and May 22nd (the last day of school).  There are dances, field day, field trips…….I’ll be doing a lot of volunteering in the next couple of weeks.  One field trip they are going on is to an amusement park in southern Indiana.  It is a trip for the Beta Club.  THAT ONE I WILL NOT BE GOING ON!!  I"m not completely insane! 

Ron had a nice time on his California trip.  I was supposed to go too but decided it would be too much for me.  My dad was scheduled to come down to stay with the kids while we were gone.  I asked him to still come down even though I wasn’t going after all.  He came for a few days last week.  It was nice to have my Dad to myself for a few hours a day.  He helped me plant flowers.  I’ve never lived in a house where I have planted flowers in the flower bed.  I am enjoying looking at them.  All the other neighbors planted flowers last spring.  We bought Impatiens, Vincas and a few Hydrangeas.  I can’t wait till they shoot up a little more.  I will take a picture when they grow a little.  Right now they are still kind of small.

If you remember, the kids competed with their Youth Choir at our denomination’s district competition in March.  Well, the state competition was this past weekend.  Their choir won.  They are very very good.  They also sang with our adult choir at church on Sunday morning.  I have tried to watch it on our church webcast but it messes up so much that I get impatient with it.  It was amazing though.  People were worshiping the Lord all over the place.  I stayed in the second service so I could hear them again.  They got a standing ovation in that service.  AMAZING!!!!!  Then on Sunday night our church had our Grad night for our 2008 Seniors.  They sang again in that service as well.  I’m very proud of them. 

Ok – I think that brings everyone up to date!  I’m going to take some more pain medicine now.  The throbbing has returned.


2 thoughts on “Flowers, School and the Dentist

  1. Pam, it was so good to read your update. Am praying for the school situation and your tooth. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the teeth situation but the blog..looks FABULOUS! I love how you have it redone and updated.

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