Money Money Money Money – Money

Ok – I am singing the theme song from The Apprentice in my head while typing the title of this post.  It doesn’t quite come across the same without sound.

Oh well….I’m really writing to post a story that most of you have probably heard on today’s news.  I got it via the CitizenLink newsletter.  Now I know that us Moms are supposed to say stuff like "oh I get paid with hugs and kisses" or "I do this because I love my family and taking care of them" and other mushy stuff like that.  But I want to know –  where do I go to pick up my check????

Stay-at-Home Moms Worth $117,000 a Year, Study Shows

If a stay-at-home mom could be compensated in dollars rather than personal satisfaction and unconditional love, she’d rake in a nifty sum of nearly $117,000 a year, The Associated Press reported. A working mom who juggles an outside job would get $68,405 for her motherly duties. Those figures are down from last year.

The eighth annual survey by calculated a mom’s market value by studying pay levels for 10 job titles with duties that a typical mom performs, ranging from housekeeper and day care center teacher to van driver, psychologist and chief executive officer.

The biggest driver of a mom’s theoretical salary is the amount of overtime pay she’d receive for working more than 40 hours a week. The 18,000 moms surveyed about their typical week reported working 94.4 hours.

One stay-at-home mom said the six-figure salary sounds a little low.

"I think a lot of people think we sit and home and have a lot of fun and don’t do a lot of work," said Samantha Russell, a Fremont, N.H., mother who left her job as pastry chef to raise two boys, ages 2 and 4. "But they should try cleaning their house with little kids running around and messing it up right after them.

"The rewards aren’t monetary, but it’s a reward knowing that they’re safe and happy. It’s worth it all."

Focus on the Family offers resources for stay-at-home moms and working moms.


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