The Crazy Lady

Today is Show & Tell day over at Kelli’s House.  Every Friday is actually.  And this week I actually have something to show and tell about.  It is my Mother’s Day gifts.  Yes, I know LAST Sunday was Mother’s Day.  But NO CALENDAR CAN HOLD ME!  I AM BOUND BY NOONE!  I AM FREE AS A BIRD!  And, pretty much, I’m just a procrastinator.  My motto is – better late than never!  But I am proud to say that my mother actually got her card AND gift BEFORE the holiday this year.  She nearly fainted.  I like to keep them guessing – will this be the year she is on time?  Or will this be there year she is a week late?  Oh the joys of having me as a child!  Gotta keep them on their toes!

Thankfully, my husband and children are nothing like me!!!!  Which we all thank the good Lord for every holiday that rolls aorund.  In all honesty I just like birthdays and holidays that "keep on giving".

Anyway, here is my Show & Tell entry for this week.

Since we moved into our newly built home I have wanted a nice set of chairs to sit on the front porch.  I enjoy sitting outside when the weather is nice and talking and watching the kids play or just the birds flying around.  So, Ron took me to Cracker Barrel and let me pick a couple of their rockers.  Isn’t it a homey look?  He is going to make me a little table to put there in the middle.  The beautiful red flowers are some that I got when Dad was here and we planted flowers.

One day while I was at the computer I saw a humming bird fly up and check out those red flowers in the previous picture.  So, Lauren bought me a humming bird feeder for Mother’s Day.  Isn’t it a beautiful red?  I haven’t seen my little friend return yet.  But I’m expecting him anytime.  Once he gets a nibble he will bring all of his friends.

Michael bought me this birdfeeder.  It is certainly staying busy too.  I’m actually having a problem keeping the big black birds away so that the cute little birds can come for a snack.  Those blackbirds are just bullies!!!!  I’m not sure what to do about them yet.  But when I’m sitting here at the computer and see them come up and chase the little cuties away I scare them off.  Sometimes I use a ruler to tap on the window.  But my favorite way to scare them off is to run out the front door screaming.  It’s fun to watch them scatter.  And it’s fun to wonder about that crazy lady in the house with the red door.  It makes them wonder about what other crazy things happens "Beyond the Red Door".


5 thoughts on “The Crazy Lady

  1. I love the rockers at Cracker Barrel. They look great on your porch. I have a hummingbird feeder out by our pool and love watching them come to feed.



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