FINALLY – Graduation

The time has finally come!!!  I have finally gotten around to choosing the pictures I want to use from graduation.  I had 117 to choose from so I was basically doing what I usually do with everything else – procrastinating!!  But I finished that a little while ago and decided to just go ahead and post them.  I have about 45 minutes until it’s time to go to church.  Surely I can get it done in that amount of time.  HAHA

Anyway, the kids graduated from 8th grade last Wednesday.  I wasn’t expecting to be too emotional.  I didn’t actually cry but I was very moved by the experience.  Some people don’t think 8th grade graduation is such a big deal.  But the kids were excited about it.  If they are excited and it’s important to them then it’s important to me!!!!!  It’s in my job description.  They were very proud and happy.  So that means I was proud and happy too.  The school did a great job of putting the program together.  They had a program with a speaker and everything.  All of the kids sat very still and were extremely well behaved.  I was touched by the things that their principal said about them.  I truly believe that he and the staff love the kids in their care.  It shows in the relationships they have with their teachers.  They tell them every day after the announcements "You are loved".  It’s sad to think that that particular time is the only time some of them may hear that.  I was most touched by that.  I didn’t know that he did that every day.  I rest assured that when we chose to put them back into school we made the right decision.  They were loved and protected by the staff of Two Rivers Middle School.  I am grateful to them and to the Lord for guiding us.

Now, on with the picture show!!

This was the program.  It had all of their names listed on the back.

Here is Michael in line waiting to start his walk.  He was the third person in the line of approximately 200 students.  He had a long time to stand up while they all walked in.  They all sat down together once everyone was to their seat.

They walked in with a partner.  The floor was taped off for them at each point.  It was very professionally done.  I was impressed.  The man standing there in the suit is their principal, Mr. Moody.  Michael is in the black.

Here is Lauren walking in.  She was in the first half of the students.  Apparently her partner there in front of her is a "dork".  I’m sure that is only the case because she couldn’t walk in with who she wanted to walk in with.

This Lauren’s "boyfriend", Carlos. He is a very polite young man.  He shakes our hand each time he sees Ron and I.  He says Ma’am and Sir – which tells me a lot right there.  I don’t think his family came – which made me very sad for him.

This is Lauren’s best friend, Paige and Michael’s "girlfriend".  She is a very sweet girl.  Her mom and I are friends. 

There is Lauren.  She is enthralled with whatever is going on.  Can’t you tell?

See Michael looking at the camera.  He is much happier because he has already walked and received his certificates.  He’s done!

Here is Lauren shaking Mr. Moody’s hand and receiving her certificates.  They received a certificate for each thing they were a member of.  Lauren received certificates for National Beta Club, Honor Roll, Pirates Club (students who are allowed to run errands for teachers, have an extra period of time for lunch and various privileges because of maintaining a good GPA), and completion of 8th grade.  I received their final grades in the mail today.  She got 4 B’s and 2 A’s as her yearly average.  I was very pleased with that. 

Here is Michael receiving his certificates.  He got them for National Junior Beta Club, Honor Roll, Pirates Club, completion of 8th grade and he was also recognized for being on the Soccer team.  His yearly averages came out to be 2 B’s and 4 A’s.

It’s over – get the tie off ASAP!!!

All done!

Best Friends!!

That concluded 8th grade graduation.  As graduation gifts we gave each of the kids their own digital cameras. 


3 thoughts on “FINALLY – Graduation

  1. What a wonderful ceremony that must have been, Pam. I know you are proud of your kids. Both are gorgeous and very photogenic. Their grades are great! I'm so glad you were pleased with their school and the staff there. Sounds like *the* place to spend an 8th grade year.

    Now that you have two high schoolers on your hands, whatever will you do?!?

  2. Well Pamela . . . SUCCESS!!!! Thanks for posting pictures of graduation. Wish I could've been there. Abby's school does not do an 8th grade graduation, but just thinking about Emily's HS graduation in 24 months is making me a bit nervous already. Give the kids a big hug for us . . . We love you guys!

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