Michael W. Smith Partners With Randall House In New DVD Group Study Series

Michael W Smith endorses new DVD group study series

CCM STAR Michael W Smith is introducing each of a new series of DVDs aimed at encouraging small groups and individuals to develop critical thinking skills when watching movies. Each DVD in the C2: Giving Movies A Second Look series will contain a 20-minute original short film along with bonus features, which include a personal introduction from Michael W Smith, behind-the-scenes movie features, out-takes, director’s comments and deleted movie scenes. The leader of a small group will have access to helpful tools, including study guides for three separate lessons relating directly to the movie and promoting critical thinking. Said Smith, "Seabourne Pictures and Randall House have created a groundbreaking product. Nearly everyone goes to the movies, but how often do we stop to evaluate and filter what we just watched? C2 really raises the bar by providing quality short films supplemented with small group curriculum to guide discussion."

You can visit the C2dvd site to watch Michael do a promotion for the films.  Would you consider stopping by Gospelscoop.com to vote for the story in order to increase awareness of the series?


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