Just A Few Pictures

I just loaded some pictures onto the computer and thought I should put them on my blog while I’m working with them or I would forget about them completely. 

First of all, remember those big black bully birds (BBBB) I talked about?  Not only have they completely taken over our front porch and our bird feeder but look what they have done now –

Now I don’t know for SURE this was built by the BBBB but I am willing to bet good money on it.  Look how big it is.  And I dont’ know how any other birds would get close enough to build it because of those mean things.  I’ll keep an eye on it though and let you know.

I got the camera out the other day and got some pictures of my flowers.  YOu can finally see them from the street now.  I love them. 

And I am really enjoying my chairs.  I sit out there at least 3 times a day.  It’s wonderful!

Now, remember I told you all that we got the kids digital cameras for the graduation?  Here they are trying to figure them out –

Finally, on the last day of school my girlfriend’s son gave me some beautiful flowers because I took him to/picked him up from school every day this year.  They were gorgeous and a HUGE surprise.  See for yourself –

And here is a close up of the card.

Well, there you have it – a quick pictorial update from me.


4 thoughts on “Just A Few Pictures

  1. Your porch and flowers are so pretty! I'd be sitting out there all the time! And the flowers you were given are so bright and colorful. Don't think I've ever seen any quite like that.

    I have to say, that's one monster bird's nest. Maybe if you moved it…..LOL!

  2. Hey Pam! The house looks beautiful and the kids look great! I had the baby May 15-everything went well. Her name is Alyssa Rose. Miss you! Holly

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