Screw It On

There are crazy thoughts running around in my head today.  I suspect that it is because of exhaustion, pain and the need for a break.  For a person who doesn’t like to leave the house I have certainly been gone a lot this week.  I’ve been meaning to get to my girlfriend’s new house all week long and haven’t made it yet.  I’m sure that she thinks I don’t to go.  I will get there eventually.  By then she will have a whole new group of friends and won’t even notice I haven’t been around for a while. 

Yesterday Michael and I went to the mall where I got my hair colored (BLECK – I HATE IT!) and to exchange Michael’s cell phone at the Verizon store.  ON our way home from there I noticed a light on on my dash.  I called Ron – who is in Kansas – to ask what it might be.  He suggested it is the oil light and that I needed to go get the oil changed ASAP.  I get off the interestate and begin searching for a place.  It’s about 150 degrees outside by the way.  UGH!!!  Anyway, I get the oil changed and all the other junk they do when they do that.  When I turn the car on the light is still on.  I show it to one of the guys there and he says "Oh, that’s the check engine light".  So, I get back on the phone to call Ron and tell him.  He says I need to go to the dealership and have them check it out.  I bring the kids back home.  Ron calls the dealership to make me an appointment.  The guy tells him that I shouldn’t drive the vehicle until I can get it checked out but they can’t fit me in until this morning at 9:45.  So, I email my friend and tell her ONCE AGAIN that I can’t come to their house and why.  This morning I roll myself out of bed and drag myself to get ready so I can get there on time.  IF you know me then you know that "on time" always means "early" because "early" is "on time" is "late".  ANYWAY – I get to the dealership turn in my key – find a seat – read my book and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait.  At the 2 hour point they still have not even looked in the direction of my vehicle where I parked.  I went up to the guy to point out the fact that I’m still there to which he says "I was just letting them know" – yeah, right and I’m Joan of Arc!  Wait!!  Didn’t she ride naked on a horse????????  Scratch that!!!!  WHATEVER!  About 30 minutes later I notice my vehicle being driven up into the overhang area for pick up.  The same guy walks in and tells me that the problem was that my gas cap wasn’t screwed on all the way.  OH MY WORD – YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!  I went through all of that for the stupid gas cap???????????????????

So the good news is that it didn’t cost me a penny today.  The bad news is that I AM as stupid as I look.

And the moral of the story – if you happen to be as dumb as you think you are then have someone else check the gas cap before you pull away from the pump.


One thought on “Screw It On

  1. I'm laughing so hard but I needed that…You would think with all the bells and whistles that they put in vehicles these days, the one thing they would invent is something to let us know about our gas caps being loose or on the car roof (that actually happen to me once).

    Too funny.

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