What Needs To Be Done

Ok – I’m going to make a list of things around this house that I need to do.  Some of them are things that need to be done before my MIL comes tomorrow.  And some of them are just things that have been completely ignored for too long and aren’t going away on their own.  I don’t know what I want you to do about it.  I don’t know why I’m sharing this with you all.  Maybe I want you all to come and help me.  Maybe I just need someone else to know what all I have to do. Maybe I want someone to hold me accountable.  Maybe I just want to waste even more time by taking the time to MAKE the list instead of actually doing something about it.  I have no idea.  But here it is:

Clean all 3 bathrooms
Dust all the surfaces in the house
Shampoo the loft carpet
Vacuum all the carpet
Sweep/mop the hard surface floors
Clean up the clutter behind me here in the study (most of which consists of loading it into my truck to take to Goodwill)
Clean out the files
File the huge pile of bills/receipts sitting here on the floor beside me
Straighten the loft
Change all the sheets
Find the floor in Michael’s room (translation – hang his clothes up)
Find out what is in all the boxes in the top of his closet
Unpack picture frames
Spray paint the picture frames black
Choose new pictures to display
Paint the walls that I know what color I want to use
Chose paint colors and paint the other walls
Put items on Craigslist that we want to get rid of
Wash/Clean out/Vacuum my truck
After painting the walls – decorate
Clean off and organize my desk
Organize the shelves in the study – which includes tossing a bunch of stuff I used for homeschooling
Straighten my closet
Store all my winter clothes
Hang up all my summer clothes
Decide what in the garage needs to go to Goodwill

Well, that is the beginning!  It is absolutely overwhelming.  Therefore I am doing what I usually do when something overwhelms me – NOTHING!!!  I am open to someone driving a big truck up to my front door and tossing it all in the back of said truck and letting them drive off with it all. 


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