Signature and Camp

I just created a signature on signature site.  Does anyone else have one of these generated signatures?  I’m not sure if it will actually work or not.  I have tried stuff like this before and for some reason it just never seems to work for me.  Sometimes I think I have a handle on this computer stuff and sometimes I think I’m dumb as a rock.  Well, we will see if it works.  If it actually shows up at the end of this entry then we will know that it works.  I’m thinking that there is a place in the template where you can plug in the code for it to appear automatically.  If you don’t see it at the end then you know that it doesn’t work by just plugging it in the entry.  If someone else has experience with this I would appreciate some guidance. 

Well, on with life!!  The kids are coming back from camp today.  They have been at a wonderful camp at John Brown University in Siloam Springs Arkansas.  It is called Planet Wisdom.  Last year was their first year and they had a great time.  They were really looking forward to it this year.  Church camp has really changed since I was a teenager.  Planet Wisdom is held at a university and the kids stay in the dorms.  That sure is different than the big red building full of bunk beds that also doubled as our auditorium for services and the classroom for classes.  But I really don’t care what the camp is like just as long as they go and enjoy it.  Church camp can be a life changing experience for a teenager.  I know it was for me.  If you have ever been then you know what I’m talking about.  This camp is pricey – $250 each – but it is worth every red cent.  We would pay twice that for them to go.  But I certainly have missed them.  THey will get in about 10 or 11 tonight.  About 50 of our teens at church went so they always rent a tour bus.  That’s another thing that’s different.  We went to camp on our church bus which is just like those old school busses.  YOu know – BEFORE they made busses with those padded seats with the extra tall back.

Oh well – it’s time to test the signature now.

It didn’t work – I will work on it some more and try to figure it out then try again later.


2 thoughts on “Signature and Camp

  1. yep-church camp was life-changing for me! I became saved during church camp. Actually, it was a camp run by Campus Crusade. My church paid for me to go. Holly

  2. My oldest went to creation this week. She returns on Sunday. I had the chance to go to that when I was younger and so glad that my daughter isnt as afraid to be away from home as I was. My other daughter though is just like I was.

    Church camps for my kids start the end of July for us. We have the old fashioned camp I guess. Cabins, flip down beds, out in the woods , hiking and pools. lol They really are worth the dough arent they .It always makes such an impression on the children. My son will go next year. 🙂


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