A Few Pictures

I thought I would jump on here and post a few pictures while I’m jamming to Toby Mac.  I was downloading pics from the camera to the computer so I figured I might as well put a few up.  I have a good one of Lauren but I need to resize it before I post it.  And I’m waiting for one from Michael.  Taking pictures of ourselves is a common practice around here.  90% of the pictures on my computer are ones that Lauren took of herself.  So, I was feeling left out (and feeling my age) so I started doing it too.  It is kind of addictive.  Of course I have to take a zillion just to get one I like.  So, here is what I’ve come up with recently.  When I get the ones of the kids ready I’ll post them seperately.

I got the kids’ pictures while I was working on it.  I resized them so will put them here too.

For some reason the one of Lauren is showing up really big.  Sorry.


4 thoughts on “A Few Pictures

  1. Great pics, Pam! You are so bee-u-tiful! Very pretty. Lauren & Michael must be heartbreakers, they are so pretty and handsome. Ya'll are good at taking pics of yourself. I need to try my hand at that.

  2. Lovely photos of you and the kids. You're hair and make up always look perfect! I love the color and style of your hair.


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