No, I Don't Want To Save An Extra 15% By Signing Up For Your Credit Card

Oh my goodness – I am worn slap out – as a college friend used to say.  Lauren has completely zapped me this week of energy AND money!!  Well, today Michael helped too.  I have been shopping all week for the kids some clothes for the Nationals week after next.  We have to dress up the whole week.  Since we don’t really dress up for our church we don’t have dressy clothes.  I didn’t think we would ever find any skirts/dresses long enough for a 13 year old to wear.  Why are they all so short AND cute?  It would help if they were short and ugly.  But NO they have to all be adorable – I just needed a few extra inches of fabric on the bottom of them.  But thank the Lord for Dillard’s.  We found a zillion dresses and skirts there.  So, if you are looking for decent and modest dresses for your daughter that is the place to go.  I figured we would find exactly what we need at Penney’s.  You can always find something specific you are looking for there.  Not this time!!  Anyway, we finally found some.  Of course when we went to look for Michael some new polo shirts today we had plenty to chose from. 

And I need to wear a sign that says "No, I don’t want to save an extra 15% today by signing up for your credit card!!"  Honestly, I’d just like to pay as much as possible – thank you very much!  If I came home with a new credit card my life would be over anyway.  So, saving the extra 15% just really isn’t worth it.

I got my hair done today.  I have a new style AGAIN.  I got my roots done and a haircut.  Why is it that when you leave a beauty shop you never look, in person, quite the way you do in your mind?????  I know it has been YEARS since I’ve really had a hair style that I am satisfied with.  If you look at my list of things I want to do before I die in my right sidebar one of them is to have a hair style that I am actually satisfied with.  I have a feeling I’m going to be living for a VERY LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time.  I am going back next week for highlights. 

I got my nails done yesterday.  So, I think I’m ready for nationals.  Well, actually I would like to get a couple more dresses/outfits.  I’m planning to look at a particular store I like after my doctor’s appointment on Monday.  Then I just need to oversee all the packing.  We are packing for Nationals (ALL Sunday morning attire), Cedar Point and a few days at Mamaw & Papaw’s.  Now THAT is a big variety of clothes!!!  Thankfully we are driving and not flying so we can pack all we want – well, as much as the trunk of the car will hold anyway.

Ok – I have a few more things to do online so I will sign off now. 

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