Ladies and Gentlemen – Michael Hunter

Michael got a new toy over the weekend.  That’s really no surprise.  But what the toy IS is a surprise!  Let me first say that the high school they will be going to is an Arts/Literature Magnet School.  So, they have to choose a certain Art Elective that they will focus on for the school year.  The choices are:

Art – as in painting and drawing
Class Piano
Class Guitar
Imaginative Writing

He has shown a great deal of interest in playing the guitar for a few years now.  So, when he saw Class Guitar as an option he jumped right on it.  Ron had been keeping an eye on Craigslist for him an acoustic guitar.  He has mentioned that one day he would like to play in the Praise Band at church.  So, he got a guitar on Sunday from a man in Pleasant View.

He has been practicing using a DVD that the guy gave him with the guitar.  I have tried helping him along as much as I can – which isn’t a lot because I know NOTHING about playing the guitar.  I’ve mostly helped him with reading the music and counting the beats out.  He also has a book that he is using the work on learning the chords.  And we have also done some searching online for various videos and such.  He wants to know a little something before school starts.  I hope that he stays committed to doing this because it’s the first thing, musically, that he has shown a consistent amount of interest in. 

Anyway, we are excited.  And so is he!  Can you tell?


One thought on “Ladies and Gentlemen – Michael Hunter

  1. He looks like a natural! Playing in the band at church would be awesome :)!! Now, what is Lauren going to choose as her art elective?

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