Sound-Off, One Two – Sound-Off, Three Four

I am ticked off!!!!!  I am offended!!!!!  I am disgusted!!!!  My blood is boiling!!!!  I want to throw a rock into my television with the hopes of that rock flying through the media system and slapping Whoopie Goldberg and Barbara Walters up-side the head and knocking them out cold.  I did not see the episode of The View yesterday (or maybe it was today) where Elisabeth Hasselbeck was treated in such a manner that has become typical of that show.  But I am not surprised by any of it.  I have heard about it.  If you are familiar with The View at all you have probably heard about the episode.  Elisabeth was talking about how offended she is by the N-word.  Apparently that "man" who claims to be a Christian/preacher, Jesse Jackson, used the word recently.  At any rate Elisabeth was talking about the double standard that exists over the word – how African Americans use it and it is acceptable among their race but how when a white person uses it it is despicable.  (Don’t get me started on the double standards that exist among Americans today – that’s another blog entry altogether) 

First of all I would like to say a little something about The View.  I have watched it in spurts.  Basically I watch it for a period of time until I just can’t stomach those liberal women anymore and then I can’t watch it anymore.  When Whoopi Goldberg first came on the show following Rosie Odonnell (AGain, don’t get me started) I liked it.  I thought Whoopi was funny.  But after a year of sitting next to Joy Behar and across the table from Barbara Walters I just can’t take her anymore.  And I have always been disgusted by Barbara Walters.  When I was watching the show I would just change the channel on the days that Barbara was on.  She thinks she is Queen Bee and that the entire media population should bow down and worship at her feet.  That’s the impression she gives to me.

I have NEVER liked the way that the women treat Elisabeth.  I think Elisabeth has done a great job of holding her own against those women as a Republican.  I know I wouldn’t be able to sit at the table with them without slapping them all or just break down in tears on the spot.  Don’t get me wrong – I disagree with a few of her stances but as a whole I believe her to be a Christian who wants to raise her children in a loving Christian home with Christian values.

Now, the point of my problem comes in when Elisabeth is speaking up for a certain point.  If you watch it you will notice that she is made fun of, laughed at for her conservative views, ignored, disrespected and constantly interrupted.  In the episode I am referring to where they discussed the N-word issue when Elisabeth starts talking you will see Barbara throw herself across the table with impatience and, no doubt, rolling her eyes (the camera view wasn’t one where I could see that but that is what her body language message is).  She treats Elisabeth like she is a child – which I find extremely offensive.  It is obvious that this matter is something that she is impassioned about.  However, her feelings are treated as ridiculous.  As Elisabeth tries to continue making her point Whoopi cuts her off and proceeds to preach at her using the whole race card – which gets on my nerves on a GOOD day. 

If I were Elisabeth I would get up and walk off and leave them all to their petty childish liberalism.  Let them have it!  Noone, child OR adult, deserves to be treated with such disrespect.  Am I the only one who feels this way about them?  The liberal media seem to have the biggest mouths.  Are there any conservatives out there willing to speak up and defend one of our own?


6 thoughts on “Sound-Off, One Two – Sound-Off, Three Four

  1. I don't watch the show at all but for the very reasons you state I can't watch it. It makes me way to angry .. I will applaud Elizabeth for her stand for what is right!

  2. I did see Thursday's show and they made Elisabeth cry. Of course, that made me cry too. It was horrible. Whoopie's (and Sherry) basically said it's ok for black people to use the N word because they have taken such an ugly word and claimed it as their own. However, obviously, it's not ok for white people. Elisabeth couldn't understand, nor can I, how to explain this to a child (she was talking about Grace), or how this even remotely makes sense! My heart broke for Elisabeth. Don't get me started on Barbara. I cannot and will never be able to stand her. I have never known of anyone who thinks they are so great. Queen-Bee is the perfect way to describe her.

    Let me just say this. As badly as Elisabeth is treated sometimes, I admire her so much. She is so strong. I love how she represents Christians. She is passionate and will not waiver in her belief's no matter how hard everyone else tries to get her too.

    Ending this now because I'm about to get on a major soap box!

  3. Pam,

    You're definitely not the only one. Greta Van Susteren's poll on last night's "On the Record" asked, "Do you think The Women on the View pick on Elisabeth Hasselbeck?" and of the almost 15,000 voters, 93% say YES!

    Watching the clip you're referring to upset me as well. Elisabeth is constantly patronized and condescended to and I personally don't know how she's managed to withstand it all this time. But I am glad she is standing her ground and making a conservative voice heard on a show where none other exists.


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