The Theme of the Day Appears to be "BLUE"

Well, my world travels have come to an end.  I feel like I have been around the world – when in reality we have just been to West Virginnia and Ohio.  HARDLY "around" the world.  HAHAHA  At any rate that is where i have been.  I was hoping to be able to update a couple of times while we were gone but it didn’t work out that way. 

Our FWB National Convention was last week in Charleston, WV.  It was nice.  It was also exhausting but that’s no surprise.  It is always exhausting.  I got to see a lot of friends from the past as well as meet some that I’ve only "met" online.  That was cool! 

The kids’ semester schedules arrived today.  They are both in all honors classes.  I’m hoping they won’t be too challenging for them.  But I do want them to be challenged so they can rise above what they believe they are capable of doing.  The school didn’t place Michael in the Guitar class that he wanted.  I’m going to call them tomorrow just to see if anything can be done to change that.  If they can’t put him in the class then we will get him private lessons.  He is too excited about guitar to not make it happen for him.  Lauren was put in choir which is ok with her.  I’m hoping that she will get some good instruction. 

Last Thursday Ron received a phone call from a friend in another organization that has worked with Randall House before.  He is a part of an incredible family ministry that takes place on a ranch in California.  They are interested in joining with Randall House for the D6 campaign and conference.  And they are also interested in working with RHP on a new project so they offered for Ron and one of the kids to come attend their retreat.  It is an incredible opportunity.  You should really check it out.  It is amazing!!  It is called JH Ranch.  WOW!!  Anyway, they left for there on Sunday afternoon.  They won’t be back until next Monday sometime in the middle of the night.

I spent a few days in Ohio at my parents’ house.  It was just me and Lauren since "the boys" are in CA.  It was a nice visit – short but nice.  Mom and I sat on the back porch each day and watched the squirrels and the rabbits play.  They have this incredible tree in the back yard.  I still remember the day that Mom and I went to Smith Park (a local park in the little town they live in) when I was little.  We found this sprig, pulled it up and took it home and planted it. Now it is the most beautiful big tree.  I could sit and look at that tree for hours.  Memories!

After a great trip I woke up this morning about as blue as I could be.  I got myself up and ready anyway and took Lauren to the mall to finish her school shopping (I think I actually heard our checking account say OUCH).  We also got mani/pedis.  I decided to step out on a limb and choose blue nail polish this time.  Here are the results.

Check out the pretty design on my big toes.  Lauren thought I was ridiculous for getting blue.  She said "all you need is some red and white in your design and you’re ready for 4th of July".  HAHAHAHA  I say – you only live once – do something crazy every now and then.  So, I have blue toes. 

Thought I would finish off this entry with a picture of my new hairstyle.  After that I will say good night.  I’m hoping tomorrow will be a better day!!


3 thoughts on “The Theme of the Day Appears to be "BLUE"

  1. So glad you are home! Sounds like a good trip, and I bet Ron and Michael are having fun. I'm sorry he didn't get in the guitar class but think it's great ya'll are going to do lessons for him if it doesn't work out. Your blue toenails are cute! Also, LOVE the hairstyle.

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