Think That High School Will………

….be a good experience after all.  Yesterday was the kids’ first day.  Ron and I were definitely more excited than the kids were.  But they lived through it.  They were very bummed that they didn’t make any friends (THE FIRST DAY – DUHHH) and that the two of them had to eat at a table all by themselves.  I was very sad to hear that.  But I knew it wouldn’t last.  And I was very glad that they have each other.  They don’t always think that but God knew what he was doing when he "sprung" Lauren on us 13+ years ago.  I’m very glad that they are so close together. 

Anyway, Michael got his guitar class.  He is very excited.  He said there are 35 in his class.  So, I’m glad he isn’t the only one that doesn’t know how to play the guitar in his class.  He said only a few of them know anything at all.  The teacher played a song for them today that they will all be playing by December.  He is very excited!!

Lauren is in choir.  Actually her division of the choir is called Rising Legacy and is a SAB emsemble.  she also had to do a one on one session with the teacher at the piano yesterday to determine what part she will sing.  She is an alto.

For the most part they all like their teachers.  There is one that reminds them of a teacher they didn’t like from Two Rivers Middle last year.  So, they don’t have a good attitude about that class.  But I reminded them both to just be good and follow the rules and they will be fine. 

Because this is a Magnet school all of their classes are Honors classes.  Lauren is concerned about that.  But I told her that she is perfectly capable of keeping up and excelling but that she is going to have to stay on top of her school work. 

Lauren signed up for the school soccer team today.  Practice starts TOMORROW.  they will practice EVERY week day 3:30-5:30.  So, I will go pick Michael up at school at regular time (2:45) and then go back at 5:30 to pick Lauren up.  The school is downtown Nashville – about 15-20 minutes depending on traffic.  There games will be every Tuesday & Thursday which also happens to be the nights that she AND Michael have soccer practice for the city soccer league that Ron is coaching.  One good thing – Lauren will be in tip-top physical shape by the end of October when the season ends. 

The boys play in the spring.  So, we get to do it all again in the spring.  I think Michael getting his driver’s license next Fall is going to be a good thing.

Oh and today they said that they ate lunch with a table full of people.  There are very few white kids.  The school is mostly African Americans.  Lauren said the table was full of the white kids.  I told her that the white glow could probably be seen from space. 

Let the FUN begin!!


One thought on “Think That High School Will………

  1. GASP…did you just say Michael will be getting his DL next fall? Surely that is a typo! No, no way!!!!

    I really, really feel for you with having to travel so much. I did something similar when Zachary attended MLK and played sports. Although, our football field was literally across the street so it's hard to complain about that. Hmmm, maybe time to look into a hybrid for you :).

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