First HS Soccer Practice Day

Michael and I stayed for Lauren’s first soccer practice at school yesterday.  I surprised him when I went to pick him up and told him we were going to stay.  He was a little taken back but he didn’t mind.  I told him we would do it every now and then.  But he did ask for a little more notice the next time we do that.  HAHAHA   Lauren said she really enjoyed having me at practice.  I told her I enjoyed it too.  But I also told her that I won’t be able to make a habit of it but that we would do it occasionally.  I enjoyed getting the sun.  When Michael got hungry we went to get some dinner – after that we parked in the shade and stayed in the car.  But I got about an hour of sun. 

There were only about 7 or 8 girls.  Lauren said the others had not gotten their physicals yet and weren’t even allowed to practice without turning in their physical forms.  The coach is from another country.  Michael asked if he was Jamaican.  I think his accent sounds more African though.  I went up and introduced myself and stuck out my hand.  He shook my hand and said “Hi”.  That was it.  He didn’t even tell me his name.  He seems to be good with the kids though.  I met some of the other girls.  They all seem sweet.  There is one girl who is shorter than Lauren.  And the girl is a Senior.  Lauren is excited that someone is shorter than her.  HAHA  They had already discussed their height issue. 

Lauren is thinking about dropping NYSA.  She feels overwhelmed at the idea of all that practice – which I am concerned about as well – especially once the homework starts piling on too.  We have told her that we would leave it up to her.  She can do both or can drop NYSA.  But we told her dropping school soccer is not an option.  THAT she has to stick with.  We’ll see.  Ron and I have both told her we are fine with her decision.  Tonight is the first night of having both practices. So, we will see how it goes.  She already asked about skipping school practice today because they would “just” be conditioning like they did yesterday.  Of course I told her NO.  I told her that he is concentrating on conditioning at the beginning for a reason.  I assured her that she would live.  I’m not sure she believed me.  But when we get home tonight after both practices she will see that she can do it. 

Michael kicked the ball around with a few of the guys who were hanging out after school.  One of them is a senior and is on the boys team.  He saw that Michael had some talent.  So, Michael is getting a chance to show his skills too.  I’m not sure if the boys have the same coach as the girls – Mr. Personality – or not.  But the coach did ask him if he wanted to kick around with the girls.  Michael declined but I think he will join in every now and then when we stay for practice.

The football team were also practicing at the same time.  This is the first football team the school has ever had.  I’m glad the football coach isn’t the soccer coach.  I would have to take issue with his vocabulary choices. 

Anyway, that’s a quick run down of our first high school soccer practice.  I’ll let you know how she does after tonight with BOTH practices.  I must say that I admire her for even attempting to do both.  But I also won’t be upset if she drops the NYSA team.  I can’t imagine all the playing/practicing on top of year one of high school.  I get tired just typing about it.


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