Show & Tell – Three Vases

It has been a long time since I have shared a Show & Tell entry for Show & Tell Friday.  But I just unpacked a beautiful set of vases that Ron bought me when we were in Charleston last month.  We went to the Blenko Glass Company in Milton, WV.  I had picked out one vase from the clearance section that I liked because it is so unique.  After walking around for a long time I figured we probably weren’t going to actually purchase anything so I just told myself to forget about that vase.  Lauren and I went upstairs to the bathroom and when we came back downstairs I looked for Ron.  He was standing at the check out register with THREE vases – one of them was the one that I had pointed out that I liked so much.  He had the shipped home so that they would be safe.  The box was waiting for us when we arrived home 10 days later. 

Now, keep in mind that I just took them out of the packing box, set them on the coffee table and took their pictures.  So, you can see the fingerprints all over them in the pictures below.  I will run them through the dishwasher in a bit.  But I just couldn’t wait to share them with you all.  So, here they are:

The blue one on the left was the one I picked out from the clearance section.

Isn’t it unique??

Ron liked this one the best.  Since it is FSU colors I agreed to it.  heeheeheehee

This one is very pretty.  The picture really doesn’t look anything like the real thing.  I’ll try to get better pictures to share later.

Thanks for letting me share my new vases with you.  Now, I’m ready to fill them with flowers.  Ron is very good about bringing me flowers quite often.  So, now he needs to fill them up.  Don’t you agree?


10 thoughts on “Show & Tell – Three Vases

  1. They are all very pretty. The blue one is my favorite! I don't have anything nearly that nice. Come to think of it, the only vases I have are the ones that come with a delivery.

    Now you'll need to take and post pictures when there are filled :).

  2. The blue one is my absolute fave! I love it! It's so beautiful and so thoughtful of Ron to have done for you. Also, I love the last one you showed. I like the middle one, too. So they are all great!!!

  3. Very pretty vases. I like the orange one the best as I love the color orange. Now your sweet hubby needs to get you some flowers for the vases!!!
    ceekay –

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