Hubby on TV and Radio This Coming Week!!

If you were not in Life Group this morning you missed the big news for Ron’s week this week. Ron and his writing partner, Mike Waddell, will be traveling to NYC tomorrow to be interviewed for their book, Toy Box Leadership. They will be on a show Tuesday morning called Money For Breakfast that is on Fox Business Network at 7:00 a.m – 9:00 a.m. This channel is NOT the same as Fox News Network.  Here are the channels for the Nashville area:

* Cable:
Charter, Channel 107
Comcast, Channel 106
* Satellite:
DirecTV, Channel 359

They will also be interviewed for Pat Williams’ (SVP for Orlando Magic NBA team) radio program. They are, as yet, unclear about the timing of that program.

We also discussed the D6 Conference this morning. I thought I would tack on the website to this email so that you can read more about D6 Family and the D6 Conference. The website offers videos about the conference as well as videos done with D6 Family stories by a number of people you will recognize as members of TDF.  

If you are not in our Life Group and reading this via one of my blogs – You can find the Fox Business Network channel in your area by visiting

Set those TIVO/DVRs!!!!


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