Well, we have returned home.  You didn’t even know I was gone, did you?   We had a terrific time.  When we pastored in Florida we made some great friends with other pastors.  At that time a group of them formed a quartet and would travel around to our various churches to sing/preach/do revivals.  That quartet got back together for this weekend to sing at our friends’ church in Florence AL.  So, we had dinner at their house last night – listened to them all practice last night for the first time in 11 years – FUN TIMES!!!  We laughed more than we didn’t and all had a wonderful time getting together and reminiscing and catching up on all of our lives.  I meant to take my camera but forgot it.  I was kicking myself all weekend.  I wanted to post pictures here.  Marianne took pictures.  I asked her to put them on a CD for me.  so, I may get pictures up eventually just not now.  She also got some video.  Maybe an excerpt will end up on YouTube and I can post it here as well.

Tomorrow we are going…………………………wait for it………………………….canoeing!  Can you believe it?  I have actually agreed to go canoeing.  Brian and Kim and the kids are going with us.  I asked Ron how many people can fit in a canoe.  He said two or three and asked why.  i told him I just wanted to know who was going to be doing all the work in MY canoe.  He assured me that he would.  But we shall see.  If it’s left up to me to do my own rowing I know I won’t be getting very far.  I have inquired as to the depth of the water under the canoe at any given time.  But noone will tell me. Ron just assures me that I will have on a life jacket.  And I assured him that the life jacket will not do anything for my anxieties about the depth of the water.  I do remember canoeing once before somewhere with Ron and remember specifically saying I would never do it again.  Yeah – well – never say never.

Faith spent the weekend with one of her "friends", Buddy.  She and Buddy had a sleep over – but don’t tell anyone because they aren’t married.  HAHAHA  Since we were only gone one night I didn’t want to take her all the way out to Pleasant View.  So, a friend of ours who has kept her before kept her this time.  They have a dog named Buddy.  They went to the dog park yesterday morning after they picked her up.  I told her that Faith probably wouldn’t care much for the dog park because I don’t believe Faith actually knows she is a dog.  But I guess she did ok.  I suppose they treated her like the princess that she is so everything worked out fine.  As long as she gets the spoiled treatment that she believes she deserves she will tolerate anything.



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