It's Not Really Possible, Is It?

Oh my goodness!!  Surely my children aren’t old enough to be ordering their "letter jackets" for high school, are they?  I don’t believe it.  If I squeeze my eyes shut and plug my ears will time go back so I can allow my heart to catch up? 

Lauren texted me from school today (apparently East Lit is not as strict about the cell phone usage as Two Rivers Middle was) and asked me if she could sign up to get a sports letter jacket.  She asked because she knew they would be expensive (WHICH THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!).  I told her that absolutely she could sign up to get one.  I told her we would make it happen.  So, both of them brought home forms tonight to fill out all the things they want on their jackets.  I think I am as excited as they are.  Lauren asked me if I had one when I was in high school.  An hour later, when I stopped laughing (at the idea of ME having a SPORTS letter jacket), I told her that I didn’t have one because I didn’t play sports.  I am soooooooooooo glad that we have continued to encourage them in sports.  Michael said he wants to find a sport to play at school in the Fall.  Right now the girls play soccer in the Fall and the boys play soccer in the Spring.  So, I told him that I thought that was a GREAT idea!  The more the merrier!  Yes, I would be on the road more – but that’s fine – whatever I have to do for them.

I have downloaded the canoe trip pics from the camera to my computer.  However, they haven’t made it to my online storage site yet.  So, when they make it there I will be able to put them up here.  I ended up not going because I knew they would all want to stay a LOT longer than I could make it for.  So, I hung out at home.  Noone tipped over this time. 

Well, it is time to eat – so I shall stop now.  HOpefully I will get to the pics tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “It's Not Really Possible, Is It?

  1. Oh wow, letter jackets?! Aren't they growing up waaaay faster than we did? They were like in 3rd or 4th grade when we met! Tell them to slow down! If they do, maybe my kids will listen ;).

  2. Oh, Pam! I cannot believe how fast they are growing. I know I've only known you a short time, but now they are Letter Jacket Age! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

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