where is lauren – Where is Lauren – WHERE is Lauren? – WHERE IS LAUREN? – WHERE IS MY CHILD??????????

The title to this entry should convey to you the feeling of panic we felt yesterday when we could not find where Lauren was playing soccer after school.  PANIC!!!  ANGER!!!  FEAR!!!  WORRY!!!  We have been playing musical soccer fields with Lauren’s school soccer team since the season began.  We have a schedule but it contains no more details than the school we are playing and the time of the game – which I suppose we should be grateful that we have THAT at this point.  Lauren’s game was supposed to start at 4:00 yesterday afternoon.  She calls us at 3:30 and says "you know where we are playing tonight, right?".  (The girls are provided a way to their games from the school and then the parent’s pick them up at the game location)  I told her that yes, they are playing at Hunters Lane at 4:00.  She said "no, it has changed. we are playing at Stafford Middle School in Madison".  Keep in mind that this is 30 minutes before the game is to start.  So, I called Ron to tell him so he could look it up because I was in the car on my way home from picking up Michael at school.  When I get home he tells me there is no Stafford MIddle School in Madison.  To make a long story short we did not figure out where they were until 6:00.  Of course, since the game had already started while we were driving all over Madison from one school to the other noone was answering their cell phones.  It was very unnerving to be driving around for 2 hours not knowing where your child was.  It ended up that we did play Hunters Lane but because they don’t have a soccer field we played them at STRATTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  At least it was in Madison – that much was right.  Ron had a "little chat" with the coach after the game ended – which is when we arrived.  And today I emailed him with a "little chat" of my own. 

I was so mad last night.  I was NOT mad at Lauren.  None of this was her fault.  We were just mad at her coach for not communicating effectively.  So, Ron and the kids went to their NYSA soccer practice from Lauren’s school game.  I came home and attempted to calm down.  After their practice was over and they got home Michael came in the house and said that he and Lauren were going to drive around the neighborhood.  I thought – MY NERVES CAN’T HANDLE THEM DRIVING AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD AT NIGHT!!  But Ron took them out for about 15 minutes.  When they got back they asked me to go with them.  So, the four of us went driving through the neighborhood with a 13 & 14 year behind the wheel.  HAHA  They really did a very good job!  Michael drove first and then Lauren took her turn.  I am very confidant that when it is time for them to learn and get their licenses they will do very well.

It brought back memories of when I was learning to drive.  Such good memories.  My Papaw would let me drive around their neighborhood the same way.  As long as I live I will never forget backing his big Ford LTD out of their driveway.  My cousin, Derick, was in the backseat.  I backed the car out and right into the front yard of the house directly across the street.  Derick was laughing so hard that he slid down into the floor.  I’m laughing so hard that I can’t concentrate.  And even my Papaw was laughing.  Good times!!!  He was the most patient man I’ve ever known.  He survived my learning to drive and then my cousin’s learning to drive.  Interestingly enough Derick never let me ride with him when he was taking a spin with Papaw around the neighborhood.  Hmmmmmmmmmm


3 thoughts on “where is lauren – Where is Lauren – WHERE is Lauren? – WHERE IS LAUREN? – WHERE IS MY CHILD??????????

  1. I would have gone berzerk! Or however you spell it. I cannot imagine the panic you felt at not knowing…I'm so glad you were able to let the coach know that they need to do a little better on the communicating….Glad you survived the riding around in the car with teens! You did good!

  2. Something I forgot to tell you while we were going back and forth on the e-mail link…I had an uncle who was a Free Will Bapt preacher in southern Ohio…in the Waverly area. His name was Roy Hiles and he passed away in 1984 from a heart attack. He was a sweetie. I'm am thrilled the he lived long enough to know that I had become a Christian in '82; he gave me my 1st devotional.

    About what happend w/your dd! WOW! You held together far better than I think I would have. We lost our 1st dd at 3 months from SIDS, so I know what it's like to lose a child…whenever something like that happens – right when you THINK you just might be over it a little – I get that heart sinking, throat tightening feeling and try to remember to keep a clear head so that I can be reasonalbe and THINK.

    Last year, our youngest dd broke the base of her thumb playing on our homeschool v-ball team. The coach (who, by the way is NOT the coach this year), wasn't a very compassionate lady and even though dd was crying and asking to be replaced in the game, the coach kept her in. I was working the concession stand and my dh was working, so I didn't see the distress she was in until the game was over. When we took her to the ER, not ONLY did we find out that she had broken the base of her thumb, but it was also chipped! The Dr. said that it wouldn't have chipped IF she hadn't kept playing!! At the next practice I asked the team manager to come into a room w/me while a confronted the coach…for her protection as well as mine!! I knew having another Christian parent in the room w/me would help keep ME in line. To make matters worse for dd, it was right before they were going to Omaha, NB for homeschool v-ball nationals…she DID get to go, but she couldn't play. Oh well.

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<><

  3. Hello, you were listed as linking to Comfort Cafe, a Christian online women's ministry and magazine. Our URL has changed. Would you be so kind as to change it on your site?

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    Ruth Wood

    P.S. Enjoyed perusing your site. I homeschooled my kids for five years and they are all grown now. Can hardly believe it.

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