8 Random Facts About Me
I’ve been tagged by Laurie @ A Magnoia’s Heart Beats. This looks like a fun one!


1. Post eight random facts/habits about yourself. Choose eight others to "tag", and include the guidelines in your post.
2. Let your "taggees" know that they’ve been tagged!
3. Enjoy learning more about your cyber-sisters/brothers.
8 random facts or habits about me…are you sure you want to know?

1.  I would much rather be cold then hot.   That’s really strange since we lived in and loved living in Florida for 11 years.  I would go back there in a heartbeat – just as long as the air conditioning works properly!!!

2.  I love to read.  Quite often I have two or three books going at once.  I got my love for reading from my grandmother – who I miss more than any words could explain.

3.  I love for everything to be perfectly arranged and everything in it’s proper place – however, my house is a cluttered mess and covered in several layers of dust.  Don’t try to figure it out – I haven’t figured it out myself yet.  siggghhhhhhhhh

4.  I thoroughly enjoy watching college football.  I don’t mind watching ANY game but really prefer to watch only Florida State!!!  GO NOLES!!!  My vehicle looks like one of those tacky cars covered with bumper stickers.  It’s not quite that bad but a person certainly can deduce that I am an FSU fan just by looking at my truck!

5.  I can never be satisfied with my hair – the color OR the style.  Two months is about my tolerance level for any style.  I get bored very easily with it. 

6.  I buy magazines but rarely look at all of them.  I still have a  Real Simple magazine from June that I haven’t even opened yet.

7.  I am scared of the water but would rather be on a cruise ship then anywhere else on the planet.  I could live on a boat.  It all began when Ron surprised me with a week long cruise a few years ago.  Now I want to go at least one cruise a year.  Come to think of it I think it all started when I was a child and the greatest Papaw in the world would take me and my cousin, Derick, to the lake and spend the day in the boat.  Good times and such GREAT memories!!!  I just never learned to swim.  WEIRD, I know!

8.  I am a huge TV addict.  I’m sure that’s not a good thing – but that’s the way it is – and I love it!

Now, who to tag……………….

Alli @ Alli’s Alley
Anyone else reading this……


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