Ok – is it just me or do the days seem extra long and take forever to end?  This week has seemed like the longest week of my life.  I have no idea why.  Maybe I dont’ do enough "stuff".  I guess 57 trips to/from school and the soccer field just isn’t enough to fill up my days.  I have started volunteering at school as well.  So now I have another set of trips to/from school in the day.  Just sometimes I look up and the clock just doesn’t seem to have moved any from the last time I looked at it.  Not sure what’s up. 

Lauren’s school soccer season is almost over.  They have won only one game.  We can’t figure out how that is the case when they practice two hours after school every single day.  Their soccer coach has supposedly played professional soccer before.  Either that isn’t true or he just doesn’t know how to teach soccer.  Some of the girls look like today is the first day they have ever been on a soccer field.  NO IDEA what’s up with that.  At any rate Lauren has stayed committed to the team.  She said other girls have wanted to quit because they are so bad.  But Lauren hasn’t mentioned that.  we wouldn’t allow that anyway.  I am actually considering looking into a personal soccer trainer for both of them.  Michael is looking forward to playing on the school team in the Spring – although we have heard that they aren’t really any better.  Gotta be the coach – he’s the common denominator here. 

Ron is traveling again.  He has been gone most of this week and will be gone most of next week.  I HATE that  – HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT.  I know where he is this week – Atlanta & Michigan.  No idea where he is going next week.  SIGH!!!!  I dont’ know how single moms do it- I just don’t have any idea.  Did I mention that I hate it?

I’ve been feeling pretty good lately.  I keep meaning to get out and walk because the weather is so beautiful.  But haven’t made it out yet.  Pretty soon I’ll be saying I don’t want to walk because it’s too cold.  ONe excuse after the other.  Ron and I had said that we were going to walk every day together.  But we are spending so much time on the road or on the soccer field that by the time we get home we are both tired from the day or it’s pitch black outside. 

Lauren has been seeing a boy from school for a month now.  He is such a sweet boy.  He is from a solidly Christian home.  IN case I haven’t shared a picture of them here – here is one:


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