What a lazy Sunday afternoon!  Ron took the kids to the soccer field to play around.  I have been sitting here all afternoon wasting the day away on the computer.  Been playing around on Facebook for a bit – Twittering a lot and emailing a bit.  I need to do some updating here on my blog next. 

I’m also watching a show on ABC honoring survivors of women’s cancers called Frosted Pink With A Twist.  I had a very special Aunt who died from breast cancer.  So, the month of October always brings her to mind regularly.  I have lost other family members to the dreaded disease as well.  But today’s show is on women’s cancers since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  One day I will see her again and she will be whole and complete and healthy like I remember her from my growing up years.  I love and miss you, Aunt Carol! 

I made it to church this morning and am so glad that I did.  It was a blessing.  I know I say this every time I write about our church but we have the best Free Will Baptist church in the world!  The choir did the song Days of Elijah.  You can be blessed too by visiting our church website and watching the webcast of the morning service.  Even if you do nothing but speed through it to the choir and just listen to that I know that you will be blessed.  We have amazing talent in our church.  I love how everyone is encouraged to use their talent to the glory of God at our church.  We even have a guy that plays the bongo drums occasionally.  Noone is turned away if they have a talent they want to use for the Lord.  And things are always done in a professional manner to bring glory to God.  Anyway, follow the link above to the website to watch the webcast and receive the blessing.

We had a great lunch with Brian & Kim and the kids today.  I miss them.  I miss them coming to our house – I miss going to their house – for game nights.  Thank the Lord for email.  I love you, Kim!  I appreciate you!  When life slows down a little we need to get back to game nights!!  It was nice to catch up today – but I don’t want to just spend our time "catching up" – know what I mean.

Ron is home TODAY.  He got home about 9:00 last night.  And he leaves again in the morning.  Trips like this are so difficult on the kids and me.  I know that he is serving the Lord and does so with such a willing heart.  He is such an amazing witness, not just in our denomination, but also out and about in the world.  He witnessed to people the other day on the train in the airport.  I try to remember times like that when I am feeling his absence here at home.  There is a huge gaping hole in our family and in my heart when he is gone. 

Ok – I got all the links plugged in above.  That ought to keep you busy for a bit checking them all out.


One thought on “Blessings

  1. Glad you had such a fantastic day, Pam. My grandmother went through breast cancer at age 79. She recovered and is 85 now. Her sister, my great-aunt Nezzie, also had it back in the 80's. Though she's Home now, breast cancer isn't what took her life. I'm so sorry your aunt's life was claimed by this horrible disease, and my prayers are with you as you think of her…I love how you pointed out that although you miss Ron, you know his work is impacting lives for Christ. Amen!

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