Things! They Are A Changin'

The blog is coming along.  There are a couple of things that I haven’t changed since a friend completely redid it all for me a couple of years ago.  So, I’m going to have to search out the template and try to figure out which codes coordinate with features.  That might take me a while.  I also need to look for more graphics. I’m just crazy about these polka dots now.  Now that my house is clean I can spend more time searching online for blog graphics.  FUN!

Lauren’s school soccer season is over now.  Her last game was this morning.  She has played like a champ all season.  She gives her all to it – that’s for sure.  Michael’s soccer practices will begin in December.  They will start conditioning for the spring season.  So, in a few months we get to start doing it all over again.  But that’s ok.  We are a soccer family and I love it!!!!  NYSA ends next Saturday. 

We are going to Brian & Kim’s tonight for game night.  Which reminds me – gotta dig out Sequence from under the futon upstairs when I go up after this.  I woke up barely able to move this morning.  I had a big day of cleaning yesterday.  I pushed and pulled things I haven’t pushed or pulled in ages which, in turn, used muscles I haven’t used in ages either.  Certainly paying for it today.  Thanks to the fibro any little pain that would make the normal person sore is magnified 100x for us.  Aren’t we special?  But I have stayed put most of the day and given it all a chance to get better.  So, I am making it to game night tonight.  I told Kim I would be there even if I was on a stretcher in a coma. 

The beginning of the week was better on my "diet" then the end of the week.  I have stuck with the slimfasts for breakfast and lunch.  And some of the snacks have been ok but others?  Not so much!  And I always drink enough water to fill up a camel’s hump.  I doubt come Monday morning I will see a weight LOSS – knowing my luck I will probably GAIN weight.  But I am going to stick with it.  And i’m going to TRY to remember I’m actually on a diet.  The times I have flubbed up the most this week are because I have actually FORGOTTEN I’m even on a diet.  UGH  What kind of a person FORGETS they are on a diet? 

Ok – I’m off to get my shower and start getting ready.  Hopefully when you come back here the next time there will be even more improvements to the blog. 


One thought on “Things! They Are A Changin'

  1. Sounds like you had a busy day cleaning, but it's well worth the rewards. Hope you enjoy game night and do see some rewards for your weight loss efforts. Love ya!

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