It's a Picture Album Kind of Night – Part 3

This last set of pics are from the Robot Team Competition Michael was involved in at school.  He has spent the last 6 weeks building a "robot" for a competition in the area.  The robot was supposed to complete a certain task in a set amount of time.  there were 13 teams – to include a few homeschool groups.  The process concluded this past Saturday at David Lipscomb University here in Nashville.  There were 23 rounds.  Each round was 3 minutes long.  In that time span the robot was remote controlled by one team member and spotted by another team member.  The robot had to be manuvered through a course to pick up plane pieces, put the plane together and then transported to a certain location.  For each task completed the team earned a certain amount of points.  The team with the most accumulated points at the end of the competition won.  While his team did not win a trophy we were quite proud of the fact that they got 10th place.  I’m sure you are wondering why we are happy with 10th place.  Other then the fact that the kids worked themselves to death 6 days a week a minimum of 3 hours a day this was the first year that the school had entered the contest.  None of them knew what to expect and they did NOT come in last place.  We consider that a success.  Next year they will know what to expect and how much work will be involved in the process.  There were only 6 of them on the team.  The other teams had more then twice as many members and had all participated in the competition before.  We are very proud of them – in spite of the fact that Lauren kept calling them the Nerd Team.  HA  Ok – on with the pics! 

That is him on the left – with the burgundy cap on backwards. The man standing in the center looking down at the bot is the science teacher, Mr. Baucom.

While his team did not get a trophy they did receive the "Blood, Sweat and Duct Tape" award.  After each round they were allowed to take the bot back to their booth/table and make any adjustments needed.  After 23 rounds there were a lot of adjustments made so the we thought the award was quite appropriate.


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