Triple Date To Opryland Hotel – Part 2

Here are the pictures of the kids from last night.  Emily has been one of Lauren’s best buds since the first day of school.  Michael and Emily have been "going out" for about a week now.  She is a sweet sweet girl.  She fits right into our family.

Lauren and Scott have been going out for about 3 months now – her longest relationship so far.  He is a very polite Christian young man.  I liked him from the first time I heard anything about him. 

We are proud of the kids’ choices in friends and boy/girl friends.  This is something that I know I was concerned about when we first talked about putting them back into public school.  But the Lord is watching over them and giving them wisdom in guiding them to the right circles. 

Ok – on with the pics from last night.

Best buds – Emily & Lauren!

Not sure what was so funny here – but whatever it was certainly seems to have been a knee slapper!

The happy couples!

Aren’t they sweet together?

Aren’t they cute together?

Now pictures of them at Opryland Hotel:

And now in front of the big tree!


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