Triple Date To Opryland Hotel

Last night we let the kids invite Scott (Lauren’s boyfriend) and Emily (Michael’s girlfriend and Lauren’s best bud) over to the house for games and dinner.  Then the six of us went over to the Opryland Hotel to walk around the gardens.  They are so beautiful but especially at Christmas time.  We thought it would be a terrific date night idea.  AND it’s a cheap idea.  Lauren went to the movies with Emily yesterday morning.  They saw the new James Bond movie (yaaaawwwwnnnnn – haha).  Michael would have gone but he and Ron went shopping for his birthday.  Michael is still figuring out this whole having a girlfriend thing.  He hasn’t quite figured out yet that it’s all about the girl and if you want to spend time together you do what SHE wants to do.  HAHAHA  Anyway, when Lauren and Emily got back then Scott came over.  The four of them hung out upstairs playing Playstation and watching movies.  After we all ate dinner we went to the Opryland Hotel to walk around the gardens.  They do such an amazing job of decorating for the holidays.  We all hung out together for the first 30 minutes or so.  After that we let the four of them go off by themselves and Ron and I did the same.  There were about a zillion people there.  That was way too many people for me.  Anyway, we got some good pics.  I had hoped to get a good picture of the kids together to use as our Christmas card pic for this year.  But they were too distracted with Scott and Emily being there.  So, we will go back another time – just the four of us – to get that picture.  I don’t work on my CC until Thanksgiving so I have a couple of weeks.

Ok – on with the pictures!

This is the beautiful tree in the front lawn of the Opryland Hotel.  You can see this from the road.  It’s really incredible what they can do with a strand of Christmas lights.

The front of the Opryland Hotel.

They have these trees lining the street leading up to the hotel.  You can see the beautiful display of lights from the interstate (Briley Pky.).  Absolutely beautiful!

This is an incredible display of the nativity on the front lawn.  The picture just doesn’t do it justice.  It is spectacular!

This is just one of the light displays inside the garden area inside the hotel.  MARVELOUS!

Another beautiful display. There is also a boat ride that you can take through the gardens.  This is at one of the entrances.

Those are just a few of the pictures focused on the garden/hotel area. I will post a second entry with pictures taken of the kids.

If you ever come to/through Nashville you should really plan a trip to the Opryland Hotel.  It is an incredible experience.


One thought on “Triple Date To Opryland Hotel

  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Beautiful pictures – the kids are gorgeous, as always, and their girlfriends/boyfriends are cute! I'm so glad ya'll had a nice evening. I would love to see those sites IRL. We're too far just to drive "over there" so I'll have to settle for da pics. Thanks for sharing!

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