Let The Heart Attacks Begin

Well, we now have one more LEGAL driver in the house.  Michael took his test this morning and got his learner’s permit.  He only missed 3 questions out of 30.  Two of those were on drunk driving and one was on child safety seats.  So, we are very proud of him!  Now the the fun begins – letting him behind the wheel.  Before he and Ron got in the car at the Driver’s License place he told Ron he didn’t want to drive to school.  So, one of us will take him out this evening and start counting the hours for him.  He is already a good driver.  So, it’s just a matter of practicing and building his confidence now. 


2 thoughts on “Let The Heart Attacks Begin

  1. Congrats to Michael! I'm so glad you and Ron have confidence in him. This will help his confidence soar! May God watch over him as he begins this new chapter in his life.

  2. Way To Go, Michael! Congratulations! Pam, your life is going to get so much easier with another driver in the house. LOL! I love seeing your pride and confidence in him. He will live up to the faith you put in him – which he's already proven, I'm sure!

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