A Few PIcs

Oh my word!  Last week was the worst week.  I felt horrible every single day.  Yesterday afternoon I finally started feeling a little better.  I was hopeful that today I would wake up feeling better.  I have so many things I need to do – places I need to go.  About 5:30 this morning I wake up and hear RAIN!  WHAT???  Feeling bad today was not an option!!!!!!!!  Oh my word!  I cannot believe it.  So – I guess one more day isn’t going to kill me but it MIGHT! 

Anyway, I have a few new pics to share.  We have taken a number of pics lately.  I keep hoping one of them will be our Christmas pic of the kids.  Haven’t seen that one yet.  So, there are more picture in their near future.  Maybe tomorrow we can get out to get some new ones.  Also need to write the Christmas letter.  Thanksgiving weekend is my Christmas card weekend.  I get them all together, addressed and ready to roll for next week.  Might be a few days behind this year.

Ok – on with the pics!  The kids came home last week with their high school letter jackets (minus the letter which  they will get the end of the school year).  Grabbed the camera and here are the results.

Pic of the 2012 on their sleeves!  Can’t believe we are so close.

Ok – Michael is supposed to be turned around to show the East Literature Soccer on the back of his jacket.  But, instead, he thought it would be funny to ruin the pic.  FYI – you won’t see a picture here of the back of his jacket because he kept goofing off.  But Lauren gets even. You’ll see!

Little does he know though that he is giving me the greatest smile!!

Lauren is getting even.  She was not in the picture taking mood and he was prolonging her misery.

Showing off her #4.  Michael is showing off his tonsils!

Now here are a couple of the roses that Lauren’s boyfriend, Scott, gave her that day for the two month anniversary.


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