Just A Few Pictures

Got the cameras out this week and snapped a few new pics.  Thought I would post them here.

Grandma was here and she brought a Florida State Christmas with her.  this picture was taken before we all headed out to Ron’s surgery on his left hand.

This was so good of the kids.  They looked like they didn’t mind being in the same room and everything.

While we all waited for Ron’s surgery to be over the kids drug out the bucket of toys in the waiting room.

Scott even showed up.  He was next door at the hospital visiting his uncle and walked over to the surgery center.  It was 24 degrees. I was impressed.

Michael and Faith were talking about something.  Michael just laid down there and started loving on her.  It was so sweet.  I grabbed the camera.  Neither one would tell us what they were talking about. 


One thought on “Just A Few Pictures

  1. Great pics of the family, Pam. Hope Ron is recovering. So, is he typical male or is he handling recovery ok? 😀
    We made it to NC tonight. Kids are getting spoiled already. Guess that's grandma's job!

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